Pets on Campus

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Policy and Procedures

1. Pets are prohibited on all James Cook University campuses, exceptions being:

a. service animals accompanying people with disabilities; and

b. fish tanks in communal display areas.

2. In the event that a pet is found on University property:

a. the pet will be detained

b. the local City Council will be notified and requested to have an animals control officer collect and impound the pet.

3. If, before the local City Council animals control officer attends to collect the pet, the owner of the pet attends at the place where the pet is detained and requests release of the pet, the relevant officer may release the pet to the owner but only if the owner undertakes in writing to:

a. remove the pet immediately from the campus;

b. ensure that the pet does not re-enter on to the campus at any time; and

c. pay any fees or charges which may be payable to the local City Council.

4. A pet will not be released to the owner, but will be detained for handing over to a Council officer, if that pet has attacked or menaced any person on the campus.

5. Any person seeking an exemption to the Pet Policy must apply in writing to the Director, Facilities Management Office stating the reasons they seek to bring a pet on campus.

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Deputy Vice Chancellor, Services and Resources

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Estate Board or Futures Committee

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