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Health, Safety and Environment Policy

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James Cook University recognises its obligation, as far as reasonably practicable, to provide a healthy and safe environment for all individuals who are impacted by its activities and is committed to:

1.1 implementing a governance framework that delivers compliance with all health, safety and environment legislation, management systems, standards and other relevant regulatory requirements;

1.2 defining and describing its health, safety and environment expectations, accountabilities, responsibilities, obligations and duties;

1.3 establishing measurable objectives, targets and outcomes to ensure continued improvement aimed at the elimination and reduction of work-related hazards, risks, injury and illness;

1.4 a positive culture of reporting hazards, incidents, injuries and providing early intervention; and

1.5 providing a sustainable work environment free from injury and illness throughout its infrastructure and across all activities.


Health, Safety and Environment applies to all:

2.1 individuals, which includes Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU), Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Officers, supervisors and managers, staff, students, volunteers, contractors, suppliers, occupants, visitors, community, the public and Controlled Entities as a minimum standard; and

2.2 conduct, work, study, research, interaction or any other activities that are under the management, control, influence or participation with James Cook University and its stakeholders, both on and off-site.


3.1 Refer to the Health, Safety and Environment Glossary for definitions.


James Cook University will engage with the University community by providing:

4.1 a Health, Safety and Environment Management System, that comprises of procedures, processes and guidelines delivered via training, instruction and supervision designed to eliminate or minimise the risk of work related injury or illness;

4.2 Health, Safety and Environment Officers with the knowledge and tools required to actively undertake positive steps towards demonstrating due diligence within their areas of influence and control;

4.3 details of its health, safety and environment expectations within employee position descriptions and professional development plans;

4.4 a Committee structure comprising of internal stakeholders and Health & Safety Representatives to facilitate the effective communication, consultation and co-ordination of health, safety and environment matters;

4.5 appropriate resources to allow individuals to carry out health, safety and environment functions;

4.6 maintained facilities and environments in which individuals carry out James Cook University work, study or research; and

4.7 a workplace rehabilitation system designed to encourage and assist ill and injured employees to safely remain at work providing they are able to undertake the inherent requirements of their position, or to provide suitable alternative opportunities to return to work while recovering from an injury or illness.

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5.1 Health, Safety and Environment Management System and Procedures

5.2 Health, Safety and Environment Glossary


6.1 Schedule A – PCBUs and HSE Officers

Related documents and legislation

7.1 Health, Safety and Environment Management System and Procedures

7.3 Health, Safety and Environment web page

Schedule A

Schedule of PCBUs and HSE Officers

1.0 Parent Entity:

1.1 Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU)

  1. James Cook University

1.2 Health, Safety and Environment Officers (HSE Officer)

  1. Members of the Council

  2. University Executive, Deans & Directors

  3. Head, Health, Safety & Environment Unit

2.0 University Controlled Entities:

2.1 Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU)

  1. JCU Enterprises Pty Ltd

  2. James Cook Holdings Pte Ltd (subsidiary of JCUE)

  3. James Cook Australia Institute of Higher Learning Pte Ltd (subsidiary of JCH)

  4. JCU UniVet Pty Ltd (JCUVet)

  5. JCU Early Learning Centres Pty Ltd

  6. Tropical Queensland Centre for Oral Health Pty Ltd (JCU Dental)

  7. JCU CPB Pty Ltd

  8. North Queensland Commercialisation Company Pty Ltd (NQCC)

  9. JCU Health Pty Ltd


Approval Details

NOTE: Printed copies of this policy are uncontrolled, and currency can only be assured at the time of printing.

Approval Details

Policy Sponsor

Deputy Vice Chancellor,  Services and Resources

Approval Authority

Work Health and Safety Committee

Date for next Major Review (in accordance with the Policy Handbook)


Revision History

Approval date - the date the approval authority approved the establishment, minor or major amendment or disestablishment

Implementation Date - the date the policy was published in the Policy Library and is the date the policy takes effect


Approval date

Implementation date






Minor amendments: Reference to ‘Standards’ replaced with the word ‘Procedures’;

Deletion of Head, HSE Unit from Schedule A Clause 1.2 (HSE Officers); and

HSE Glossary added to Related policy instruments.

HSE Training & Communications Advisor




Minor amendment – removal of GRW Industries Pty Ltd (subsidiary of NQCC) - GRW Industries (JCU Controlled Entity) has been deregistered.  Approved by Acting DVC S&R





Work Health and Safety Policy revised, streamlined and title changed to current title; amendments to Schedule A - Schedule of PCBUs and HSE (formerly WHS) Officers to reflect changes resulting from the University restructure, to ensure currency and to reflect the situation in controlled entities. Refer to WH&S Committee minutes (2/14).





Amendments approved by Council (refer to item 13 of 07/12/2012 Council minutes for details)





Approved by Vice-Chancellor and Council





Approved by Council



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