Smokefree Workplace Policy

Smokefree Workplace Policy

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To provide guidelines to ensure a smoke free workplace and thus comply with all relevant legislation.


All staff, students and members of the public on James Cook University campuses.

Key Objectives

To comply with all relevant legislation and ensure our obligation to provide a safe working environment.

To significantly minimise passive smoking for non-smokers.

Policy and Procedures

Smoking is not permitted inside any building on a JCU campus;

Smoking is not permitted in any vehicle or vessel owned by the University;

Smoking is not permitted anywhere within four (4) metres of non-residential building entrances;

Smoking is not permitted within ten (10) metres of children’s playground equipment;

Smoking is not permitted throughout the Student Services Mall;

Smoking is not permitted for outdoor eating and drinking areas that are  within 4m within of a building entrance; and

Smoking is not permitted where “No Smoking” or other smoking prohibition signs are displayed, e.g. Chemical and fuel storage areas.

Related documents, legislation or JCU Statutes

Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Amendment Act 2004

Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Amendment Regulation (No. 1) 2004

Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995


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Approval Details

Policy Sponsor:

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Services and Resources

Approval Authority:

Health Safety and Environment Committee

Date for next Major Review (in accordance with the Policy Handbook):


Revision History

Approval date - the date the relevant approval authority approved the establishment, minor or major amendment or disestablishment

Implementation Date - the date the policy was published in the Policy Library and is the date the policy takes effect


Approval Date

Implementation Date



16-13/03/20163/03/2016Administration details amended: text added to date for next review column to include Major review info; and text in brackets added to 15-01 Details column below.

Quality, Standards and Policy Unit




Minor amendment - Policy Sponsor and Approval Authority amended to reflect approved Policy Framework. (This minor amendment does not constitute a Major Review).

Quality, Standards and Policy Unit


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