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Academic Promotion Policy

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To provide the policy framework that enables the University to recognise and reward staff members who have demonstrated and sustained achievement of academic or research endeavour.


This policy applies to academic and doctoral qualified research staff members who are covered by the James Cook University Enterprise Agreement 2016 (the Agreement). It does not apply to casual Academic staff members and short-term academic visitors.


Academic Staff Member is defined as a staff member (excluding casual academic staff members and short-term academic visitors) engaged to undertake teaching, research and related duties as envisaged in the Position Classification Standards for academic staff in Schedule 4 of the Agreement.


1. Merit

Promotion shall be on the basis of merit and consistent with equal employment opportunity principles. Achievements will be considered in the context of the applicant’s career path, relevant personal circumstances and opportunities which have been available.

While due consideration will be given to the applicant’s whole career (particularly in the case of applications for promotion to Professor) in assessing an application for promotion the Panel shall give primary consideration to the applicant’s achievements since being offered appointment (or promotion, as appropriate) to the designation currently held at the University.

2. Eligibility

Applicants will have a minimum of two years’ service at JCU at their current academic level to be eligible to apply for Academic Promotion.

The Chair of the Panel may approve an Academic staff member to apply for promotion without a minimum of two years of service to the University.

Staff members who have applied unsuccessfully for promotion in the previous year are ineligible to make application in the current year.

3.Date of effect

All promotions take effect from 1 January of the following year.

4. Appeals

An appeal will only be considered on the basis of procedural fairness as outlined in the Academic Promotion Procedure.

5. Delegation for approval

The Academic Promotions Panel shall make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor, who has delegated authority to approve academic promotions.

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18-1 21/05/2018Reference and link to new JCU Enterprise Agreement 2016 updated.Quality, Standards and Policy Officer
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