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Adjunct Appointments and Vice Chancellor's Fellow Policy

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Adjunct appointments provide a mechanism for recognising in a formal way suitably qualified and experienced individuals who have a close association with, and make a significant contribution to, the academic activities of the University in a largely honorary capacity on an ongoing basis. This includes recent JCU research higher degree graduates who need access to JCU resources to publish their research.


This Policy applies to all Adjunct appointees including Professional/Clinical, Academic and Research Fellows and Vice Chancellor’s Fellows.





Adjunct appointments recognise associations between individuals with particular expertise and the relevant College; Directorate or Centre within the University.

The University has extensive links with professionals in a number of discipline areas who provide valuable input into the development and delivery of the professional programs offered by the University. This input ensures that the professional programs remain relevant to current professional practice and also enriches the learning experience of students by exposing them to practising professionals. This also contributes significantly to the growth of professional identity by the students and the development of professional networks.

This policy does not deal with conjoint or joint appointments as University policy has not yet been formulated to cover these arrangements.

1. Designations/Criteria

Recognising that appointees may be drawn from a variety of backgrounds, three categories of Adjunct appointment are available – academic, full academic title and professional/clinical.

In the case of Academic Adjunct appointments, the criteria for determining the designation shall be the Academic or Research Fellow Position Classification Standards as outlined in the Adjunct Appointments Procedure.

Academic Adjunct appointments will be identified as follows:

  • Adjunct Professor
  • Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer
  • Adjunct Lecturer
  • Adjunct Research Fellow
  • Adjunct Research Associate
  • Adjunct Professorial Research Fellow
  • Adjunct Principal Research Fellow
  • Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

Full Academic Title for Human Health and Medical professionals within DTHM:

  • JCU Professor
  • JCU Associate Professor
  • JCU Senior Lecturer
  • JCU Lecturer
  • JCU Professorial Research Fellow
  • JCU Principal Research Fellow
  • JCU Senior Research Fellow
  • JCU Research Fellow
  • JCU Research Associate

Professional/Clinical Adjunct appointments will be identified as follows:

  • Adjunct Professor (Professional)
  • Adjunct Associate Professor (Professional)
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer (Professional)
  • Adjunct Lecturer (Professional)

Vice Chancellor’s Fellow

With respect to the designation of Adjunct Research Associate, the appointee must be a recent JCU Higher Degree by Research graduate who will continue to make a significant contribution to the research activities of the University.

The criteria for determining the classification for Adjunct appointments is outlined in the Adjunct Appointments Procedure.

The criteria and process for appointing a Vice Chancellor’s Fellow is outlined in the Vice Chancellor’s Fellow Procedure.

2. Scope of Activities

Appointees will be expected to contribute on a significant, regular and ongoing basis to one or more of the following University activities:

  • Teaching;
  • Collaborative research;
  • Postgraduate supervision
  • Strategic engagement and thought leadership; and
  • Staff and student consultations.

3. Intellectual Property

Research and consulting activities carried out under the auspices of the University will generally be governed by the same rules that apply to full-time academic staff.

Ownership of intellectual property will be negotiated on a case by case basis, with consideration given to the University's Intellectual Property Policy.

4. Access to Facilities

While appointment confers no obligation on the University to provide resources, appointees may be granted access to University and service facilities as deemed appropriate by the relevant supervisor.

5. Limitations

Adjunct appointees and Vice Chancellor’s Fellows are not eligible to vote in any University election and shall not be members of any academic group or operational group unless a special resolution is approved by the particular Division on the recommendation of the appropriate Deputy Vice Chancellor or, in the case of the Vice Chancellor’s Fellow, approved by the Vice Chancellor.

Appointees who by virtue of their association with the University are successful in gaining research funding shall be required to direct such funds through the University.

Adjunct titles shall not be used outside of University related business viz appointees should not use a University title in their normal professional capacity but limit their usage to involvement in University activities.

6. Remuneration

While Adjunct and Vice Chancellor’s Fellow appointments are largely honorary, remuneration at appropriate rates may be payable for part-time teaching or postgraduate supervision (subject to this being formalised through an appointment agreement or other appointment). Additionally, appointees may be appropriately remunerated from funds generated by research or consulting activities.

In the event of an Adjunct appointee gaining regular salaried employment with the University, the level of the Adjunct appointment shall not be a factor in determining either the salary or the level of the regular appointment and the Adjunct appointment will automatically come to an end.

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20-105/06/2020Vice Chancellor interim approval provided 05/06/202008/06/2020Amended to establish new adjunct appointment - Full Academic Title.  As at time of interim approval, full academic title applies to adjunct positions in the human health and medical professions in the Division of Tropical Health and Medicine only.  Work is ongoing to enable adjuncts in the Division of Tropical Environments and Societies to also be appointed a Full Academic Title.  
19-122/08/2019HR Committee19/09/2019Amended to establish new honorary appointment - Vice Chancellor's FellowChief of Staff





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