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To provide guidelines for the employment of volunteer workers.


The University is approached from time to time by members of the University community offering their services in a voluntary capacity. Most often this takes the form of students wishing to gain practical experience in a university setting.

As part of its commitment to involvement with the community the University supports the use of voluntary workers on the understanding that they are not to be used to replace paid workers.

Policy and Procedures

All volunteers whilst engaged in activities on behalf of or under the control of the University are covered by JCU insurances listed below.

1. Public Liability Insurance

This provides for all sums where James Cook University becomes legally liable to pay compensation for third party injury or property damage, as a result of an occurrence and happening in connection with University business.

2. Personal Accident Insurance

This provides cover for the volunteer whilst engaged on University business, including direct travel to and from such activities. It should be noted however that medical expenses are not covered.

3. Corporate Travel Insurance

This provides cover for volunteers when undertaking authorised overseas business travel on behalf of James Cook University or its subsidiaries.

Staff of the University engaged in employing volunteers are requested to maintain a Register, containing the names and contact details of the volunteers, within their College/Unit.

For further information regarding insurance cover please refer to Volunteers” at Financial and Business Services web site.

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