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Casual Teaching by Students Policy

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To provide sufficient flexibility so that it is possible for students with special expertise to be employed in teaching roles whilst ensuring:

(i) the quality of the learning of other students is enriched and not compromised, and

(ii) the validity of assessment is not compromised.


This policy covers appropriately qualified current students who may be employed to undertake teaching duties which meet TEQSA Threshold Standards This policy does not cover teaching activities designed primarily to enhance the professional skills of the student conducted under the direct supervision of a university staff member who is responsible for the quality of the activity and the assessment of other students participating in the activity.


Teaching: Includes all teaching activities defined in Schedule 5 of the James Cook University Enterprise Agreement 2016.


The Colleges are responsible for ensuring that:

1. Any students employed to undertake teaching will be appropriately qualified in the relevant discipline for their level of teaching (qualified to at least one AQF qualification level higher than the course of study being taught or  hold equivalent professional experience);

2. A student may not be employed to teach or participate in the assessment of a subject in which he or she is enrolled;

3. Students employed in teaching roles will not participate in the assessment of students unless they have an appropriate AQF qualification one level higher than the level of the assessment; and

3.1. In a case where  students employed in a teaching role where they are deemed to have equivalent professional experience but do not hold a formal qualification at least one higher AQF level than the students, the Dean of College must provide details of the selection, training, supervision and moderation practices that ensure standards are appropriate and confidentiality is maintained.  These details must be presented to the relevant College Assessment Committee meeting.

3.2. Students must not have access to any more information about the assessment grade for the subject than any other student.

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Related documents and legislation

James Cook University Enterprise Agreement 2016

Australian Workplace Agreement where applicable


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Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic

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Academic Board

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18-109/03/201830/04/2018Minor amendment to update reference to JCU Enterprise Agreement and align with current organisational structure.Quality, Standards and Policy


4 May 2015

26 May 2015

Policy amendments to reflect current TEQSA Standards (esp 3.4) and title change from: Students Employed as Casual Teaching Staff to current title.

Chair Academic Board with relevant stakeholders


Revision date

Description of changes



October 2013

* TEQSA requirement of being at the level above the standard that is being taught was included;

* clarification that in Medicine, students are hired as facilitators and are not involved in assessment;

* scope amended to include that facilitators must attend an appropriate induction seminar coordinated through the relevant discipline and Teaching & Learning Development; and

* wording under section 3. amended from: ‘of a subject’ to ‘in a course’.




Minor amendments approved by the Chair of the Academic



Casual teaching staff policy, teaching