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Policy Library Updates

Chair of Academic Board - Academic & Student Delegation Register - Policy Amendments Table  

Established/Disestablished/Reviewed Policies/Procedures

Policy/ProcedurePolicy DomainSponsor/sAmendment DateSummary
Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment PolicyCorporate GovernanceDVC Services & Resources26-Jul-17Major review of policy with change of name and change of domain.
FMPM Appendix A - Financial Delegations RegisterFinancial ManagementDVC Services & Resources13-Jul-17Addition of positions to Financial Delegation 9.01.2 to enable efficient processing of Payroll and Electronic Fund Transactions.
Early Retirement ProcedureHR & Staff DevelopmentDVC Services & Resources13-Jul-17Procedure separated from policy document in accordance with the Policy and Delegations Framework procedures.
Early Retirement PolicyHR & Staff DevelopmentDVC Services & Resources05-Jul-17DVC SR approved minor administrative amendments
Recruitment Selection & Appointment PolicyHR & Staff DevelopmentDVC Services & Resources05-Jul-17Minor amendments to policy to align with HR Delegations Policy and Register
Recruitment & Selection Best Practice GuideHR & Staff DevelopmentDVC Services & Resources05-Jul-17Amendments-changed any reference to an approval matrix or incorrect approver to HR Delegate and referenced HR Delegations Policy and Register
Market Loading PolicyHR & Staff DevelopmentDVC Services & Resources14-Jul-17Minor amendments to authority to approve to align to the HR Delegations Register
Student Experience of Learning & Teaching (SELT) Distribution ListLearning and TeachingDVC Academic28-Jul-17Updated and added to the Policy Library as a related document to the Student Experience of Learning and Teaching (SELT) Policy.
Student Experience of Learning and Teaching (SELT) PolicyLearning and TeachingDVC Academic27-Jul-17Minor amendments to increase clarity and alignment between SELT Policy and the associated Distribution List.
Student Services and Amenities Fee PolicyStudent ServicesDVC Academic14-Jul-17Amendment to section 1 to exempt students where their campus is JCU Online from paying the SSA fee as per recommendation from SFACAC (1/17)
Personal Services Contract PolicyHR & Staff DevelopmentDVC Services & Resources21-Jul-17HR Committee (2/17) 15/06/2017 approved disestablishment of this policy due to superseded by FMPM 712 - Engaging Individuals as the Service Providers Procedure