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Policy Library Updates

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Policy Library updates for the month of August 2018.

Policy/ProcedurePolicy DomainSponsor/sAmendment DateSummary
Bullying, Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct PolicyCorporate GovernanceVice Chancellor20-Aug-2018Amended to include further definitions, identification of procedures for sexual harassment and sexual assault and establish roles of Sexual Misconduct Officers.
Operational Working Hours System (Op-Time) PolicyHuman ResourcesDVC Services and Resources


Amended to align with implementation of JCU Enterprise Agreement 2016. Reformatted and condensed content, intention of policy not changed.
Credit and Articulation PolicyStudent ServicesDVC Students30-Aug-2018Major amendment to remove procedural content and to clarify the principles and rules of granting Credit.  Policy renamed from 'Advanced Standing and Articulation Policy'.
Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure for Staff and AffiliatesCorporate GovernanceVice Chancellor03-Aug-2018Administrative amendments to correct grammar and language.
Sexual Assault ProcedureCorporate GovernanceVice Chancellor27-Aug-2018Administrative amendment to correct grammar, clarify language and update phone no. for Mt Isa Sexual Assault Service
Sexual Harassment ProcedureCorporate GovernanceVice Chancellor03-Aug-2018Minor administrative amendments.
FMPM712 Engaging Individuals as Service Providers ProcedureFinancial ManagementDVC Services and Resources01-Aug-2018Minor administrative amendments.