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Policy Library Updates

Chair of Academic Board - Academic & Student Delegation Register - Policy Amendments Table  

Established/Disestablished/Reviewed Policies/Procedures

Policy/ProcedurePolicy DomainSponsor/sAmendment DateSummary
Risk Management Framework and PlanCorporate GovernanceVice Chancellor27-Sep-17Scheduled annual review, approved by Council (5/17) refer to Council minutes 07/09/2017
Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment PolicyCorporate GovernanceVice Chancellor22-Sep-17Changes to definition of 'sexual harassment' to be consistent with definition contained in Anti-Discrimination Act 1991, as approved by Council (5/17) 07/09/2017
FMPM Appendix A - Financial Delegations RegisterFinancial ManagementDVC Services & Resources03-Oct-17Increased limits in section 9.01.2 to improve functionality
HSE-PRO-002 Diving ProcedureHealth, Safety & EnvironmentDVC Services & Resources29-Sep-17Minor amendments approved by DVC SR to clarify role definitions and rresponsibilities.
HSE-PRO-014 Incident & Hazard Management ProcedureHealth, Safety & EnvironmentDVC Services & Resources29-Sep-17Minor amendments following recommendations from Internal Audit Report 10/07/2017
Special Consideration, Supplementary and Special Examinations ProcedureStudent ServicesDVC Academic08-Sep-17Addition of clauses 1.7 and 1.8 further clarifying Supplementary and Special Examinations.
Special Consideration, Supplementary, Deferred and Special Examinations PolicyStudent ServicesDVC Academic08-Sep-17Minor amendment clarifying the definition of Supplementary Examination to be consistent with Student Results Policy.