Policy Policy Library Updates

Policy Library Updates

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Policy Library updates October and November 2019.

Policy/ProcedurePolicy DomainSponsor/sAmendment DateSummary
Naming of Professorial Chairs, Facilities, Scholarships and Prizes PolicyCommunity, Marketing and AlumniVice Chancellor13/11/2019Administrative amendment to update Committee titles and align with current University structure
Child Safety PolicyCorporate GovernanceVice Chancellor01/10/2019Policy established
Work, Health and Safety Policy (previously Health, Safety and Environment Policy)Health, Safety and EnvironmentDVC Services and Resources16/10/2019Major review following release of ISO45001:2018 OHS Systems and legislative updates.  Policy name changed from Health, Safety and Environment Policy to Work, Health and Safety Policy.
Awards for Excellence PolicyHuman ResourcesDVC Services and Resources22/11/2019Amended to clarify conditions for eligibility.
Student Code of Conduct PolicyStudent ServicesDVC Students19/11/2019Amended to include definition of 'Unprofessional Conduct'.
Child Safety and Child Abuse Response and Reporting ProcedureCorporate GovernanceVice Chancellor01/10/2019Procedure established
Working with Children Check (Blue Card) ProcedureCorporate GovernanceVice Chancellor01/10/2019Procedure established
HSE-PRO-007 Field Trip ProcedureHealth, Safety and EnvironmentDVC Services and Resources04/10/2019Amended in response to JCU internal audit, responsibilities clarified.
Welfare and Support Arrangements for Under 18 International Students ProcedureInternationalVice Chancellor01/10/2019Procedure established.
Recognition of Academic Excellence ProcedureLearning and TeachingDVC Students05/11/2019Major review of procedure to tighten criteria in line with sector norms.
Authorship ProcedureResearch ManagementProvost18/11/2019Procedure established to implement the JCU Code for Responsible Conduct of Research
Peer Review ProcedureResearch ManagementProvost18/11/2019Procedure developed to implement the JCU Code for Responsible Conduct of Research.
Domestic Fee Payments and Refunds ProcedureStudent ServicesDVC Students04/11/2019Amended to clarify that, in exceptional circumstances, application for refunds may be made outside of the regular application period.
International Tuition Fee Payments and Refunds ProcedureStudent ServicesDVC Students04/11/2019Amendments to 8.4.3 and 12.1 to clarify that, in exceptional circumstances, applications for refunds can be made outside the regular application period.  Time periods made consistent with Domestic Fee Payments and Refunds Procedure.
Student General Misconduct ProcedureStudent ServicesDVC Students19/11/2019Procedure amended to clarify processes for external appeal, administrative amendments.
Student Professional Misconduct ProcedureStudent ServicesDVC Students19/11/2019Procedure established to support implementation of the Student Code of Conduct Policy.