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Updates to policies and procedures

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Amendments to Policies and Procedures 1 January 2024 - 1 April 2024

Policy / Procedure Policy DomainPolicy Custodian Effective DateSummary
HDR Discontinuation of Candidature ProcedureResearch EducationDVC Research15/03/2024Administrative amendment to replace reference to International Student Support team with Academic Administration and Enrolments team (clause 5).
Distinguished Professor ProcedureCorporate GovernanceVice Chancellor11/03/2024Administrative amendment to replace reference to Vice Chancellor’s Academic Committee (VCAC) with Vice Chancellor’s Committee (VCC).
Policy GlossaryLearning and TeachingDVC  Education/Research/Academy01/03/2024Amendments made to definitions of Study period, Teaching period, and Trimester, and added definition for Semester and Carousel.
Organisational Structure PolicyCorporate GovernanceVice Chancellor22/02/2024Administrative amendment to combine roles with the title of Chief (CFO, CDO and CoS).
FMPM 711 - Procurement ProcedureFinancial ManagementVice Chancellor07/02/2024Administrative amendments to update template titles for FMPM711.12, FMPM711.13 and FMPM711.39.
Subject Outline ProcedureLearning and TeachingDVC Education06/02/2024Minor amendment to clause 3.1 to incorporate the Introductory Video and clarify Subject Outline requirements for subjects approved to begin teaching early.
FMPM 752 Authorised Limits - Hospitality/Entertainment ProcedureFinancial ManagementVice Chancellor01/02/2024Procedure disestablished as part of review of FMPM 750. Schedule 1 Non-Allowable Expenses Guideline established to enable disestablishment of this document.
FMPM 711 Procurement ProcedureFinancial ManagementVice Chancellor01/02/2024Rewrite of Procedure (major review).
FMPM 750 Hospitality and Entertainment PolicyFinancial ManagementVice Chancellor01/02/2024Policy reviewed and amended to align with current Policy and Delegations Framework and current policies, addition of Schedule 1 Non-Allowable Expenses Guideline.
University Seal ProcedureCorporate GovernanceVice Chancellor31/01/2024Minor review; updated format of procedural steps, minor language amendment to references to ‘Seal of the University’, method of reporting updated to current practice.
University Seal PolicyCorporate GovernanceVice Chancellor31/01/2024Policy content merged with Use of Corporate Identifiers Policy (formerly titled Statement on the Use of Corporate Identifiers), and subsequently disestablished.
Support for Students Policy (Interim)Student MattersDVC Education01/01/2024Interim policy established, pending formal Academic Board approval.
Academic and Statutory Decisions Review and Appeal ProcedureStudent MattersDVC Education01/01/2024Amendments to clarify legislative requirements of ESOS Act.
Student Review and Appeals PolicyStudent MattersDVC Education01/01/2024Amendment to add ESOS Act and correcting CPE name.