Policy Purchased Leave Procedure - EAV Measures

Purchased Leave Procedure - EAV Measures

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To outline the process for eligibility and application for purchased leave under the James Cook University Enterprise Agreement (COVID-19 Schedule).


This procedure applies to all staff members employed under the James Cook University Enterprise Agreement (COVID-19 Schedule), who meet the eligibility requirements for purchasing additional leave.


Except as otherwise specified in this procedure, the meaning of terms used in this procedure are as per the Human Resources Policy Glossary.


1. Eligibility

To be eligible for purchased leave, at the date of application a staff member must have:

1.1 An annual leave balance of less than 40 days (pro rata for part-time staff).

1.2 A long service leave balance of less than 13 weeks (pro rata for part-time staff).

1.3 Continuing employment or at least 2 years remaining on a fixed term appointment, with an annual leave balance of less than 40 days, and long service leave balance of less than 13 weeks (pro rata for part-time staff).

Staff members can apply for a purchased leave arrangement at any time until the James Cook University Enterprise Agreement (COVID-19 Schedule) expiry date of 30 June 2021.

A staff member who requests a purchased leave arrangement, cannot also request to vary their employment fraction.

2. Applying to Purchase Leave

To apply for purchased leave, a staff member must:

2.1 Complete the Purchased Leave (EAV) Application Form, located on the Human Resources Intranet Page, under Forms and Guides – EAV.

2.2 Forward to your Supervisor and Head of Work Unit (HR Delegation Band 5) for approval (noting this must have attached evidence of the staff member’s current annual leave and long service leave balances).

2.3 Once approved, submit the completed form (and attached evidence) to HR, via Service Now request, under Enterprise Agreement Variation (EAV) – Submit an Application for Purchased Leave.

3. Amount of Purchased Leave

The amount of leave a staff member can request to purchase is:

3.1 One week (pro-rata for part-time staff, applied in a whole accrual amount only)

3.2 Two weeks (pro-rata for part-time staff, applied in a whole accrual amount only)

This leave is in addition to a staff member’s normal leave accrual entitlements and must be taken within twelve months of the salary deduction commencing.

4. Effect on Salary

All purchased leave salary deductions will be made before tax and within a 12 month period.   The salary deduction is a fixed percentage amount per fortnight, for the 26 fortnightly pay periods and is based on the staff member’s base salary and any applicable loadings and allowances.

Any permanent salary increases or decreases (e.g. EA increase, increment, promotion, reclassification etc.) during the 12 month purchased leave agreement, will affect the total cost of the staff member’s purchased leave.

Staff members will be responsible for paying any deficit that exists between the payment for the leave and the actual cost of the leave taken. A reconciliation process will be undertaken, as per Section 9 Reconciling Leave, below.

If the staff member’s employment fraction changes during the period of the purchase leave agreement (i.e. the staff member becomes part-time after they enter a Purchased Leave (EAV) Agreement), the purchased leave deduction will aggregate. As purchased leave is added to the staff member’s leave balance in advance, the initial hours purchased will not change.

The table below outlines the percentage of gross salary to be deducted fortnightly, depending on the number of weeks of leave purchased:

Number of weeks purchased

Deducted over 12 months

Two weeks additional leave

3.84615% per fortnight

One week additional leave

1.92308% per fortnight

5. Effect on Leave Entitlements

A staff member’s annual, personal, special and long service leave will continue accruing at the normal salary rate; as per the James Cook University Enterprise Agreement.

Purchased Leave does not incur leave loading.

A staff member’s purchased leave deductions will continue, whilst this leave, or other leave types are taken during the agreement, with the exception of leave without pay.

6. Effect on Superannuation

Purchased leave will affect superannuation contributions.

Staff members who wish to maintain superannuation contributions based on 100% of their applicable rate of pay will be responsible for arranging and paying the difference. Please contact Remuneration Services Team for further information.

7. Effect on Service Fraction

Purchasing leave has no effect on the staff member’s service fraction.

8. Accessing Purchased Leave

Once a staff member’s application to purchase leave has been approved, the requested additional leave (1 or 2 weeks) will be added to the staff member’s leave balance (in advance) at time of processing. Purchased leave is not required to be accrued.

The staff member is required to book to take purchased leave as a leave request in My HR Online. To do this, the staff member must select Purchased Leave, as the leave code option and submit for Supervisor’s approval. All leave must only be taken with Supervisor approval.

9. Reconciling Leave

A staff member’s purchased leave agreement ceases either after 26 fortnightly pay periods (12 month period) have elapsed, or because they cease employment with JCU. The JCU Remuneration Services Team will conduct a reconciliation to ensure all deductions were equal to the value of the leave taken.

If the reconciliation results in a difference between the amount deducted and the actual value of the leave taken, the staff member must either:

9.1 Make additional payments to address any deficit.

9.2 Receive reimbursement for any credit.

10.  Financial Advice

Staff members are encouraged to seek independent financial advice on the superannuation and taxation implications of entering into a Purchased Leave agreement.

11. Withdrawal From a Purchased Leave Agreement

A staff member may request withdrawal from a purchased leave agreement only in exceptional circumstances (characterised by unforeseeable). Any requests must be made to the Director Human Resources who will consider within 10 working days and advise of their decision in writing.

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Procedure established to provide guidance on the eligibility and requirements for applying for Purchased Leave under the COVID-19 Schedule to the JCU Enterprise Agreement.

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