Policy Distribution of Results Procedure

Distribution of Results Procedure

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To monitor the distribution of results across discipline subject codes for quality assurance purposes.


To provide consistency of results distribution across all Divisions. This is important for equity reasons and to ensure that students, irrespective of the discipline studied, can be considered for academic awards or merit based postgraduate scholarships on equal terms.


This procedure applies to all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework results.


Definition of terms used in this Procedure are as per the Policy Glossary


1. Guidelines for distribution

1.1 The guidelines established by Academic Board for result distribution across each discipline subject code are as follows:

Pass with High Distinction (HD)

5% to 10%

Pass with Distinction (D)

15% to 20%

Pass with Credit (C)

25% to 35%

1.2 Distribution guidelines do not apply to individual subjects, but to aggregations, or groups of subjects, at undergraduate and postgraduate level by discipline subject codes e. g. PY or CH.  The lecturer of each subject is not required to give a certain number of students a pass, credit, distinction or high distinction or to fail a certain number of students.

2. Reporting

2.1 The Director, Academic Quality and Strategy for each Academic Division will present an annual report to the Academic Board via the Education Committee, outlining the distribution of results by discipline subject codes.  The report should also:

  • contain data from previous annual reports to allow for trend analysis;
  • specify the sample size; and
  • present result distributions separately for the different year levels of discipline subject codes.

2.2 Where more than one College is responsible for teaching subjects with the same discipline subject code, it is the responsibility of the Director, Academic Quality and Strategy(s) to segregate data or obtain additional data.  

2.3 Data for different discipline subject codes may be aggregated, where approved by the relevant Director, Academic Quality and Strategy.

2.4 Directors, Academic Quality and Strategy are required to justify any substantial variations from the above guidelines.

2.5 The data used to produce the annual report will be sourced from the Quality, Planning and Analytics Directorate.

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18-116/05/201818/05/2018Timing of report to Academic Board re distribution of results by discipline subject codes changed from triennial to annual.Chair of Academic Board




Established as part of review of policies and procedures associated with grades and results. Refer to Education Committee Minutes (2/17) 6 April.

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