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Policy Professional Experience Placement Requirements Procedure effective to 31/12/2021

Professional Experience Placement Requirements Procedure effective to 31/12/2021

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effective to 31/12/2021


This procedure supports the Academic Progression Policy by outlining the actions the University will take to monitor student’s compliance with Pre-Placement Requirements prior to undertaking a Student Placement. Students who fail to comply with Pre-Placement Requirements within the prescribed timeframe will have sanctions applied to their enrolment and if they withdraw from subjects after census date, may incur financial penalties.


This document applies to all JCU students who are required to participate in Professional Placements, either within Australia or overseas, as part of their course.


Except where otherwise indicated in this procedure, the definitions used in this procedure are found in the Policy Glossary.

Agreement or Deed: The agreement or deed between James Cook University and a Facility, which details the responsibilities of both organisations with respect to Professional Placement for students.

Placement Coordinator: This refers to any position or team within a College or Academic Division, which coordinates and oversees the Professional Placement program relevant to a course and/or within a discipline.

Facility: Any facility or organisation that hosts students for Professional Placement. This includes but is not limited to any public health/animal/educational facility, public or private hospital and clinic, school, community based service and James Cook University teaching clinic where a Professional Placement is undertaken.

Professional Placement: Is a clinical or practical education experience, which is a required component of a Course, in a Facility that may be on campus or off-campus. It may also be known as professional practice, work-placement, work experience, practicum, internship, clinical experience, clinical placement, student placement.

Pre-Placement Requirements (PPR): Before attending Professional Placements, students must complete and provide evidence of a number of mandatory prerequisites as prescribed by Host Facilities, Legislation and OHS procedures. These requirements are for the protection of the student and for those who come into contact with the student during their Professional Placement.

PPR Warning Notice: notification will be sent to students who have not submitted all Professional Placements Requirements 2 weeks prior to the deadline.

PPR Breach Notice: notification sent to a student who has been sanctioned for not submitting all Pre-Placement Requirements by the required deadline, including the effects of the sanction and their right to appeal.

Student Contract - Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions agreed to when accepting the University’s offer of a place on a course.


Student Placement Agreements or Deeds between the University and a Facility require the University to agree that its students will follow the rules and regulations of the Facility and uphold the privacy of the Facility, its clients/patients/customers, and staff.

Pre-Placement Requirements are listed in the Course and Subject Handbook for relevant courses, in the offer package for students, in subject outlines of subjects with placements and on the JCU website.

When students accept an offer of a place at James Cook University they agree that if they do not meet Pre-Placement Requirements for a subject or course for which they are enrolled the University may withdraw them from their subject or course.

In order to attend any Facility for Professional Placements, all students must be compliant with the relevant current requirements of that Facility. Requirements may differ between Facilities, between states of Australia and between Facility branches or locations. Students must continue to meet the requirements of a Facility as amended from time to time throughout the duration of their Course. The majority of the requirements relate to policies of the Facility.

The University is under no obligation to provide a Professional Placement to a student who has not completed the Pre-Placement Requirements by the due date.


1. Prior to commencing a Professional Placement

1.1  A student admitted to a course with a Professional Placement component must complete all Pre-Placement Requirements as outlined in the Course and Subject Handbook, and in the offer package, by due dates as advised by the University.

1.2  Students are advised to commence gathering their requirements as soon as possible as some elements take up to eight weeks to obtain.

1.3  The University will ensure that documented evidence of all Pre-Placement Requirements will be stored securely for the duration of the student’s course.

1.4  Students must maintain currency of all requirements (e.g. Blue Card, National Criminal History check and Immunisations) throughout their enrolment in a course with a Professional Placement component in order to attend all placements and complete the requirements of the Award.

1.5  A student who is not able to maintain currency of any Professional Placement Requirements must notify the Placement and/or Subject Coordinator as soon as they become aware and prior to prescribed deadlines as advised by their relevant College.

1.6  A student who refuses to undertake or complete the required Professional Placement Requirements or make a self-declaration cannot commence a Professional Placement and therefore will not be able to complete the requirements of the Award.

2. Monitor compliance

2.1  Students will be sent periodic notifications regarding their Pre-Placement Requirements.

2.2  The Placement Coordinator (or nominated academic staff member) will provide names of students who are not compliant with their Pre-Placement Requirements to the Manager, Student Finance and Examinations, who will send a PPR Warning Notice.

2.3  The PPR Warning Notice will:

2.3.1.advise the student which Pre-Placement Requirements are outstanding;

2.3.2.advise sanctions will be imposed if the outstanding Pre-Placement Requirements are not received by the due date;

2.3.3 advise the student they will be withdrawn from subjects if they breach the Terms and Conditions of the Student Contract and will face financial penalties for subject withdrawals after census date; and

2.3.4 direct students to contact with the relevant College or Academic Division Placement Coordinator for further advice and assistance in submitting the requirements.

3. Students not compliant with Pre-Placement Requirements

3.1  If the student has not completed their Pre-Placement Requirements on the due date stated in the Warning Notice, a PPR Sanction will be applied to the student’s enrolment. The Placement Coordinator (or nominated academic staff member) will confirm the students to be sanctioned and withdrawn from further subjects.

3.2  The Manager, Student Finance and Examinations will issue a PPR Breach Notice advising the student of the sanction.

3.3  The PPR Sanction prevents the student from:

3.3.1 undertaking the placement;

3.3.2 completing the subject relevant to the placement

3.3.3 enrolling in further subjects for the following Teaching Period.

3.3.4 viewing subject results and

3.3.5 conferral

3.4  The PPR Sanction will remain in place until the Pre-Placement Requirements are met.

3.5  The PPR Breach Notice will:

3.5.1 advise students of the breach and sanction imposed;

3.5.2 advise the requirements which must be met in order to remove the sanction students to contact the relevant College or Academic Division Placement Coordinator for further advice and assistance in submitting the requirements;

3.5.4 advise international students that failing to submit their Pre- Placement Requirements may affect their ability to complete their course within their expected course duration and to contact the International Student Support team as detailed in clause 6;

3.5.5 advise students that if they have a foreign government (FED) sanction that any variation to their enrolment may have significant implications to their funding; and

3.5.6 advise the student’s right to appeal the decision within 20 University working days of notification of the decision, in accordance with the Student Appeals Policy and Student Appeals Procedure.

3.6  Where a student subsequently submits the outstanding Pre-Placement Requirements, the PPR Sanction will be lifted.

4. Appeals

4.1  Students who receive notification of being sanctioned have the right to appeal in accordance with the Student Appeals Policy and Student Appeal Procedure.

5. Additional requirements for international student visa holders studying in Australia

5.1  The International team will monitor international student’s enrolment and completion within expected course duration separately to the Professional Placement Requirements Procedure.

5.2  Where an international student’s withdrawal from a subject impacts their expected course duration the student should apply for an extension to their Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

5.3  An international student’s CoE can only be extended in limited circumstances. CoE extension requests should be made to the International Student Support team for consideration in accordance with the ESOS Act and National Code.

5.3.1 If a CoE extension is approved, the International Student Support team shall report to the relevant government departments in accordance with the ESOS Act and National Code.

5.3.2 If a CoE extension is not approved, the student will be notified of their right to appeal the decision in accordance with the Student Appeals Policy and Student Appeals Procedure.

6.  Requirements for International students studying in Singapore

6.1  Students, studying in Singapore, enrolled in a Course that has Professional Placement will be advised by the Placement Coordinator at the commencement of their course of the Pre-Placement Requirements that are necessary to obtain to enter local and regional host organisations in their handbook.

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