Policy Review of Assessment and Access to Examination Scripts and Materials Procedure

Review of Assessment and Access to Examination Scripts and Materials Procedure

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(effective to 31 Dec 2020, from 1 Jan 2021 refer to Learning, Teaching and Assessment Procedures)


This procedure outlines a student’s right of access to assessment marks and materials and the request for review of assessment.


This procedure applies to all coursework students and subjects.


  • Assessment Materials means any piece of assessable work (including a copy) which has not been previously returned to the student and includes examination scripts, assignments and thesis.
  • Unless specifically excluded, “DVC” and “Deputy Vice-Chancellor” mean the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the relevant Division.
  • Unless specified otherwise, “College” refers to an Academic Unit of the university.
  • Unless specifically excluded, “Dean”, “Dean of College” and “College Dean” refer to the Dean.

Definitions of terms used in this policy are as per the Policy Glossary.


1.  Student Access to Examination Scripts and Assessment Materials

1.1 Within three months of the results publication date for subjects, a student shall, on request to the examiner of the subject, the Subject Coordinator or the College Dean, be provided with the opportunity to peruse any Assessment Materials which have not been previously returned to the student.

1.2 Assessment Materials may be exempt from the provision of 1.1 when the examination of the subject involves repeated use of the same material in successive examinations, the disclosure of which would prejudice the effectiveness of future examinations.  In such cases, a student may arrange with the College Dean of the appropriate College to read the examination script in the presence of the examiner, Subject Coordinator or another person nominated by the College Dean.

1.3 For an honours thesis, each examiner’s report and the name of each examiner will be released without request after examination, except where an examiner has expressly requested that his or her identity not be disclosed.

2.  Review of Assessment – Individual Piece of Assessment

2.1 To request a review of a piece of Assessment, the student must initially have sought and received feedback about their performance for the assessment from the subject coordinator or examiner concerned. Evidence of this feedback, or the reasonable attempt to seek this feedback, will be required to pursue a request for a review.

2.2 To request a review of an assessment, the student must provide in writing to the College Dean, a substantial case to show how the mark awarded does not reflect their performance with respect to the published assessment criteria for that assessment.

2.3 In considering a request for a review of an assessment, the College Dean will be mindful of equity matters relating to other students in the subject. Authority to accept a late application for review of assessment will be made by the Manager, Academic Administration and Enrolment.

2.4 Re-marking may be undertaken in exceptional circumstances as determined by the College Dean. The College Dean will determine if grounds for a remark exist, and, where a request is granted, will nominate an alternative qualified person to mark the assessment.

2.5 Where a re-mark is granted, in all cases the re-mark will replace the original mark in the calculation of the final grade, which may result in the grade going up, down or remaining the same as the original grade.

2.6 Where the College Dean is also the lecturer, the initial application for a re-mark may be directed to the relevant Deputy Vice Chancellor.

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