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Policy Quality and Planning Course Performance Reports and Division Academic Program Reports – Policy

Course Performance Reports and Division Academic Program Reports – Policy

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This policy sets out the requirements for the completion of annual Course Performance Reports and Division Academic Program Reports.


This policy applies to all relevant Deputy Vice Chancellors and to Course Coordinators and other staff with designated responsibilities for the preparation of the reports required by this policy.


Academic Program

The suite of courses owned by a Division.


An approved Higher Education Award of the University as defined in the Policy Glossary

Course Performance Reports (CPRs)

Annual reports completed for each undergraduate and postgraduate course by the Course Coordinator.

Division Academic Program Reports (DAPRs)

Annual reports completed by the relevant Deputy Vice-Chancellor identifying key strengths, weaknesses and priorities for the following year as identified from the Division’s suite of Course Performance Reports.


The University undertakes Course Performance Reports and Division Academic Program Reports as part of its commitment to the principles of quality improvement that moves beyond compliance and attaining standards (assurance) to participative and critical self-evaluation and continuous improvement. The conduct of these reports incorporates the eight principles that underpin JCU’s Quality Enhancement Framework:

  1. Aligning our activities with the University Intent, purpose and values;
  2. Encompassing the four dimensional cycle of ‘approach, deployment, results and improvement’ (ADRI);
  3. Encouraging a culture of self-reflection and peer review so that strengths and weaknesses may be identified and addressed;
  4. Collaborating with our colleagues across boundaries;
  5. Embracing a student focussed approach where student participation and feedback informs all phases of the quality cycle;
  6. Actively engaging with the community to meet its needs;
  7. Using evidence based practice, informed by scholarly review, and utilising quantitative and qualitative data for effective decision making and strategy evaluation; and
  8. Identifying and using relevant internal and external benchmarks and good practice to set goals and strive for improvement.

Course Performance Reports and Division Academic Program Reports are methods of evaluating performance and identifying individual or collective course improvements on an annual basis.  At course and Division level, reflection on the previous year’s performance and analyses of current data is undertaken to identify successful strategies and areas for improvement for course quality that will then be included in the annual planning process (Division and College Plans).

The Course Performance Report and Division Academic Program Reporting structure provide critical inputs to the academic course review of academic programs.


The procedure for the completion of Course Performance Reports and Division Academic Program Reports, including timelines, is set out in the Course Performance Reports Procedure and Division Academic Program Reports Guidelines.

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Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Services and Resources

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Academic Board

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18-1 15/03/2018 15/03/2018 Minor Administrative change to replace references to specific dates with general information Quality, Standards and Policy Officer




Minor amendment - addition of reference to the impending comprehensive course review process

Quality, Standards and Policy Officer




Minor Administrative Change – ‘Procedure’ removed from the title and Policy Sponsor changed from Director, Quality, Planning and Analytics to DVC Academic and DVC Services and Resources, to reflect the approved Policy Framework.

Quality, Standards and Policy Officer




Roles amended to reflect organsiation re-structure

Policy Officer




Policy established



Course Performance Reports, Division Academic Program Reports