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These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the relevant sections of the latest JCU Enterprise Bargaining Agreement and the AVCC Code of Practice for Maintaining and Monitoring Academic Quality and Standards in Higher Degrees.

James Cook University is committed to quality teaching and research supervision. All JCU staff who supervise research students must apply for admission to the JCU Register of Advisors. Staff must apply to the Research Education Sub-Committee, through the Graduate Research School, to be included on the Register. An annual review of all members of the Register will be conducted by the Graduate Research School and reported to the Research Education Sub-Committee. Staff who wish to upgrade their supervisory level on the Register must apply to the Research Education Sub-Committee.

In all cases the Research Education Sub-Committee reserves the right to solicit confidential reports from students who have been supervised by the applicant.

Staff appointed to Level 1 and Level 2 on the Register are expected to mentor staff who are appointed at lower levels.

Staff will be appointed to the Register of Advisors for a defined period of five years before being reviewed.

Eligibility Requirements for Admission to the Register

Applicants must normally meet all criteria within a level as specified to be appointed at that level. Applicants not meeting these requirements may submit other relevant evidence for consideration by the Research Education Sub-Committee.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Qualification or experience equivalent to PhD degree





Successful supervisions to completion (as Primary, Co- or Associate Advisor)

Yes, at PhD level

Yes, at least at Masters by Research level

Yes, at least at Honours level


Experience in examination

Yes, at PhD level

Yes, at least at Masters by Research level

Yes, at least at Honours level


Completion of JCU Advisor Training Workshop





Publications in the past three years

Yes, at least 1 University recognised publication

Yes, at least 1 University recognised publication

Yes, at least 1 University recognised publication

Yes, at least 1 University recognised publication

For each research higher degree candidate the Research Education Sub-Committee appoints an Advisory Committee which shall be a group convened to support the Primary Advisor, as Chair of the Committee, as well as the Head of the College in their supervision of a candidate.

Members of the Advisory Committee shall be members of the University listed on the Register of Advisors, or other persons with expertise appropriate to, but not necessarily or specifically in, the candidate’s research area.

A Research Student Monitor, normally from a college, but definitely from a discipline other than that of the candidate is appointed to the Advisory Committee to ensure that all procedures relating to the candidature are fulfilled, especially with respect to the confirmation of candidature and exit seminar processes.

Requirements for an Advisory Committee (PhD and Masters by Research)

  1. The Primary Advisor must be listed at Level 3 or above on the Register of Advisors, unless formal approval has been granted by the Research Education Sub-Committee.
  2. At least one member of the Advisory Committee must be at Level 1 on the Register of Advisors. (Required at Masters level to ensure continuity of the supervisory arrangements if candidate upgrades to a research doctorate.)
  3. The Level 1 member may be from a different discipline/college to the candidate but have relevant expertise, e.g. methodological, theoretical expertise, mentoring.
  4. An individual would not normally be the Primary Advisor of more than seven (7) research higher degree candidates at any one time.
  5. There must be ongoing commitment to ensure that there is always a Level 1 Advisor on the Advisory Committee.
  6. To be approved to serve on the Advisory Committee, the Primary Advisor and the Level 1 member must have tenure for the length of the student’s candidature.
  7. The Research Student Monitor cannot fill the role of Level 1 Advisor.
  8. To avoid conflict of interest: (a) staff enrolled in a research higher degree at JCU cannot be on an Advisory Committee at the same level; (b) members of the same Advisory Committee should not be close relatives (e.g. partners) and in exceptional circumstances, if such an arrangement is approved, there must be additional members on the committee; and (c) staff should not be on the Advisory Committee of a family members (including a partner).

Related Documents, Legislation or JCU Statutes

Application for Admission to the Register of Advisors


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