Policy Student Matters Intervention Strategy for Students Who Have Not Made Satisfactory Academic Progress

Intervention Strategy for Students Who Have Not Made Satisfactory Academic Progress

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James Cook University (JCU) monitors students’ academic performance at the end of each teaching period/trimester.  At this time, students are assessed as to whether or not they have achieved satisfactory academic progress, according to the requirements of the Academic Progression Policy.  The University employs an ‘intervention strategy’ to assist students who have not made satisfactory academic progress, with the aim of helping students to improve their academic performance in subsequent teaching periods/trimesters.  Details of the University’s intervention strategy and the groups of students to whom it applies are shown below.

An intervention strategy is put in place for the following students:

  1. those who are assigned a status of ‘At Risk’ or ‘Conditional’; and
  2. those who have submitted a ‘Statement of Reasons’ and who are advised, after their case has been considered by the relevant Senior Academy Liaison Coordinator, that they are permitted to continue their course with an assigned status of ‘Conditional’.

The Team Leader, Examinations and Progressions initiates the intervention strategy by sending emails/letters to students in both of the above groups, encouraging them to make use of the University’s Student Support Services and resources available to help students to improve their academic performance shown on the Learning Centre Website.

This website provides details of:

  • on-campus study skills workshops, such as maths and English workshops, writing workshops and general study skills workshops;
  • online resources to support academic development;
  • Peer Assisted Study Sessions
  • the JCU mentor program;
  • assistance for students from non-English speaking backgrounds;
  • resources for postgraduate students; and
  • contact details for Learning Advisors.

Students studying in Australia on international student visas, who have not achieved satisfactory academic progress, must meet with their Academy Liaison Coordinator or the University representative indicated in their notification to develop an Intervention Plan that will assist the student to improve their academic performance which This includes subject selection, study load, and expected course completion date. The international student must agree to the Intervention Plan and sign it.  The Intervention Plan will be recorded in the student’s file and the student will be provided with a copy. The Academy Liaison Coordinator will advise the International Student Support Team in writing if a student is not expected to complete their course by the date for expiry of their visa, and will provide a revised date for proposed completion of the course.  The student must also contact the International Student Support Team to discuss details relating to their visa.

All other students who have not achieved satisfactory academic progress are strongly encouraged to discuss their situation with their Academy Liaison Coordinator to gain further advice regarding subject selection, study load and any other study-related issues.

Students who have been permitted to continue their enrolment after submitting a ‘Statement of Reasons’ may have conditions imposed on their enrolment, with the aim of directing and focusing their studies to improve their academic performance.  For example, a student may be required to:

  • enrol in certain subjects;
  • take a reduced load;
  • meet an Academy Liaison Coordinator or specified staff member by a specified date; or
  • meet other conditions as appropriate.

Students who have been identified as not making satisfactory academic progress are encouraged to make use of as many of the services and resources provided as possible in order to improve their academic performance in subsequent teaching periods or trimesters.


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