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Publications by Members of Staff

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Policy and Procedures

1. The University as Publisher

Although the University has no independent publishing house, Colleges and Divisions do publish texts bearing the University crest. The University also publishes official reports, handbooks, and so on.

Publishing is a particularly far-reaching means by which the University is presented to the community, and Colleges and Divisions are advised to seek appropriate advice when designing and publishing any such work.

Members of staff are free to negotiate publication of their writings by publishers of their choice, without reference to the University.

2. Historical Collection of Published Material

As an important part of the historical archive of the University, as full as possible a collection of the published books, papers (published or read at conferences), reports, and submissions to enquiries, by members of the University staff, whoever the publisher, is being established. The value of the collection will be to enable our successors to comprehend more readily the development and achievements of research in the University.

The collection is being made through the University Archives.

It is important that copies of other publications including University brochures, posters, booklets, newsletters, etc also form part of this collection.

The requirements for depositing copies of these publications with Archives are outlined in number 4.1, below.

Where literary works are published through the University, there are additional deposit requirements. These are outlined in number 4.1, below.

3. International Numbering

All publications which are made available to the public require either an International Standard Book Number [ISBN] or an International Standard Serial Number [ISSN] or both. The Library is responsible for the allocation of ISBNs and ISSNs to works which are published through the University.

An ISBN is a unique code assigned to a book, which is used to identify it in ordering, library systems, and so on. It should be given to-

  • printed books and pamphlets;

  • book readings on cassettes;

  • microform publications;

  • microcomputer software.

A serial is a publication intended to continue indefinitely, made up of a number of parts linked by a common title and issued in a sequence, and include periodicals, newspapers, newsletters, annuals, journals, memoirs, proceedings, and transactions of societies.

So: a monograph requires an ISBN and a series an ISSN; a monograph which is part of a series carries both an ISBN (for that particular publication), and the ISSN (for the series).

The ISBN and/or ISSN must be printed on the reverse of the title page.

4. Deposit of Published Material

4.1. Deposit of Works Published Through the University

To comply with legal deposit statutory obligations, as soon as possible after production of any publication receiving International Numbering through the University, between six to eight copies must be sent to the Library, Information Resources Section. The Library will distribute as follows:

  • one to the State Library

  • one to the State Parliamentary Library;

  • one to the National Library of Australia;

  • one to the Library of Congress, Washington (optional);

  • one to the British Library, London (optional);

  • two to the University Library; and

  • one to the University Archives, for the historical archive.

5. Publications in Electronic Form

It should be noted that publications that are put onto the World Wide Web still need ISBNs and ISSNs. If a series is transferred from paper to electronic format, it will require a new ISSN.

Libraries referred to in number 4.1 need to be supplied with the Web address of any publication.


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