Policy Student Services Tuition Fee Payment Instalment Plan Policy for On-shore and Distance International Students

Tuition Fee Payment Instalment Plan Policy for On-shore and Distance International Students

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This policy stipulates arrangements relating to the administration of tuition fee payment installment plans for continuing international students.


This policy applies to continuing international students whose campus of study is Townsville or Cairns.


Continuing student – as defined in the JCU Tuition Fee Policy for International Students

Payment Due Date – as defined in the JCU Tuition Fee Policy for International Students.

Policy and Procedures

1. A payment installment plan may be available to continuing international students, where:

  • the student’s campus of study is Townsville or Cairns; and
  • the student demonstrates legitimate financial hardship in paying international student fees by the Payment Due Date; and
  • the student is not a Study Abroad student.

2. Other than in exceptional circumstances:

  • applications for payment installment plans will be accepted up to the Payment Due Date only;
  • supporting documentation is required to be submitted with the application for a payment instalment plan;
  • applicants may be required to attend an interview;
  • a minimum of fifty percent of the tuition fee for which the student is liable must be received by JCU by the Payment Due Date;
  • the latest day for settlement of tuition fees under a payment installment plan is two weeks prior to the relevant examination period.

3. A payment installment plan will be valid where written approval is granted to the student by the Manager Student Finance and Examinationsdelegate.

4. All students granted a payment instalment plan will be considered a JCU tuition fee debtor on the student system until the fee is fully paid.  The University Rules on Student Debtors - Penalties includes that the University may:

  • withhold official notification of final results in any subject, or
  • refuse to graduate, or
  • refuse enrolment for a subsequent Teaching Period.

5. Other than in exceptional and compassionate circumstances, where a student defaults on payment of any instalment in the payment plan or has not complied fully with the conditions under which the student obtained a payment instalment plan:

  • the student will be required to pay the full outstanding balance immediately;
  • the student will not be granted any future extensions for payment of tuition fees;
  • the procedure for Cancellation for non-payment of tuition fees  will commence and the  student will receive a Notice of Cancellation; and
  • the student will be considered and treated as a JCU student  debtor until the final balance is paid, as per point 4 above.

Penalties for Non-Payment under the Tuition Fee Policy for International Students will apply, as such, the student’s enrolment may be cancelled and Department of Home Affairs notified.

6.  Where a matter arises which is outside the scope of this policy or where exceptional circumstances exist, the International Student Finance Officer will seek executive decision on the matter from the Manager, Student Finance and Examinations.

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