University Prizes

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Policy and Procedures

1.    The following provisions shall apply to each of the prizes approved by University Council, except in so far as they are inconsistent with any special provisions made below in relation to the prize:

i. The prize shall be awarded annually.

ii. Except where a prize is stated to be a fixed sum of money, where a fund supports one prize the prize shall, if stated to be money, be a sum approximately equal to the annual income from the fund and if stated to be books, instruments, or things other than money, shall be such things of a value approximately equal to the income from the fund; and where a fund supports two or more prizes the value of each prize shall be approximately equal to a corresponding share of the annual income.

iii. Where a prize is stated to be money the Vice-Chancellor may direct that, in lieu of money, books, instruments or other equipment necessary to the student’s course may be awarded to a value approximately equal to the stated amount of the prize, unless the terms of any trust or the conditions laid down by the donor of the award expressly provided otherwise.

iv. Where the prize consists of books or things other than money, the prize shall be selected by the person to whom it is awarded, subject to the approval of the recommending authority or, where the recommending authority is a committee, the executive officer of the committee.

v. A prize shall not be awarded in any year if in the opinion of the recommending authority there is no candidate of sufficient merit to justify its award.

vi. Where a prize is awarded subject to the later performance of some condition by the person to whom it is awarded and the requirements relating to the award do not necessitate applications to be lodged, the Division Committee or other authority concerned with making a recommendation in the matter may prepare a list of persons qualified in order of merit and recommend to the Council or other awarding authority that the award be made to the person highest on the list who gives an undertaking to perform the condition. If the Council or other authority approves the recommendation, the award shall be deemed to be made to that person. If before the time arrives for performing the condition that person intimates that they no longer intend to perform the condition, the award shall be deemed to have been made to the person next highest on the list who gives the undertaking.

vii. A prize may be divided equally among candidates deemed to be of equal merit.

viii. Income from the fund not expended on the prize shall be added to and become part of the fund.

ix. The special provisions relating to each prize are set out in prize requirements which are approved by Council. In those provisions, paragraph (a) indicates the number of prizes where more than one are awarded under the same name, the authority which awards the prize or prizes, and the authority, if any, which recommends to the awarding authority the person or persons to whom they are to be awarded; paragraph (b) indicates the person or persons to whom the award is to be made, the required qualifications of candidates for each prize, and the basis on which the award is to be made; paragraph (c) states the nature of the prize or its amount where it is a fixed sum of money; and paragraph (d) sets out any other provisions relating to the prize or prizes.

2.    Except where otherwise stated, a person shall not be eligible for a prize unless the qualification on which the prize is awarded was obtained within the year, or where the qualification related to two or more years, within such years, immediately preceding the making of the award.

3.    Prizes may be awarded, in accordance with the general provisions contained in these requirements and special provisions set forth in relation to each prize.

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