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Family Production

Breeding the perfect prawn

The Family Production work package focuses on producing the families needed to develop the specific phenotypic and genetic resources required within the project.

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Genomic Sequence

Black tiger prawn draft genome

The Genome Sequence work package will aim to produce a comprehensive draft genome and tissue-specific transcriptome of the black tiger prawn.

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Genomic Resources

Black tiger prawn genetic map

Understanding black tiger prawn genome structure and trait architecture is an important prerequisite of any advanced genetic selective breeding program.

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Phenotype Acquisition

Getting industry ready

The Phenotype acquisition work package will develop industrial-scale collection procedures and obtain phenotypic data for commercially important traits.

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Genomic Prediction

A genomic selection breeding approach

The Genonomic Prediction work package involves the estimation of genetic parameters (heritability, genetic correlations, GxE) along with the development and evaluation of advanced genomic selection and breeding techniques.

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