Veterinary Science

What you need to do

This preparation checklist for Veterinary Science placements covers the base requirements for MOST (but not all) host facilities.

As a JCU professional experience student it is your responsibility to ensure all pre-placement requirements are met. Please seek the advice of your placement coordinator or the Professional Placements Unit to confirm the pre-placement information and resources related to other States, services and facilities.

To complete all your pre-placement requirements you will need to:

1. Add an email signature to your JCU email address:

2. Scan your completed documents to

The following guidelines and checklist can be printed in hard copy or to PDF.

JCU Placement Procedure and Procedure for Infectious Disease

As a JCU professional experience placement student you are required to read the Professional Experience Placement Procedures for students within the Division of Tropical Health and Medicine. The document contains vital information for all students  of the Division of Tropical Health and Medicine (DTHM) about the responsibilities of both students and the University in relation to professional experience placement. The document also contains important information about the principles underpinning the administration of student placement.

You are also required to read the Procedure for Infectious Disease for students within the Division of Tropical Health and Medicine. This document guides students and the patients or clients they encounter regarding duty of care and minimising the risk of spreading or contracting vaccination-preventable infectious or blood-borne diseases.

After reading these documents you must sign the Student Declaration, which confirms you have read and understood the contents of both procedures, and email the signed document to the Professional Placement Unit.

JCU Confidentiality Acknowledgement

You must complete and sign the JCU Confidentiality Acknowledgement every year.

In signing the Acknowledgement, you – the student – acknowledge that you have been instructed in the concept of patient, client and business confidentiality, and will respect clients’ confidentiality at all times, including during tutorials, lectures and discussions, both professional and private.

Download, complete, sign and email the Confidentiality Acknowledgement to the Professional Placement Unit and retain a copy for your professional portfolio.

First Aid Certificate and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certificate

First Aid and CPR training must be completed prior to commencing your first professional experience placement, or by week 12 of the first teaching period, whichever comes first.

A copy of your proof of course completion (i.e. the certificate) must be supplied to the Professional Placement Unit.

Please use a recognised Australian training provider and note that it can take up to 6 weeks to receive certificates. Course costs must be borne by you, the student.

First Aid certificates are valid for 3 years, while CPR certificates are valid for 12 months only.

Online courses and certificates that do not meet the Australian standards and/or do not include a face-to-face training requirement will NOT be accepted.

Health and Immunisation

It is a JCU requirement that ALL professional placement students have their General Practitioner complete sections of the JCU Health Record and Immunisation Form. This form is only required by new students commencing at JCU in 2017. Download the form and take it to your GP.

Once completed, provide a copy of your proof of immunisations along with the JCU Health Record and Immunisation Form to the Professional Placement Unit.

Further advice relating to vaccinations and immunisation is available through JCU Health General Practice, Level 1, Clinical Practice Building, JCU Townsville, or your General Practitioner.

Recommended Vaccination Schedule at JCU Health General Practice.

Your Summary Checklist

Requirement Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
JCU Placement Procedure and Infectious Disease Policy

JCU Confidentiality Acknowledgement 

JCU Student Declaration    
First Aid Certificate and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certificate

Check currency Check currency Check currency
JCU Health Record and Immunisation Form

Tetanus Immunisation

Q Fever Immunisation

Check with the Professional Placement Unit for any additional placement requirements