Erick Kasukulu

Erick Kasukulu

Bachelor of Business in Accounting

Erick Kasukulu sitting with friendsRecognition that the workforce is always growing and changing prompted Erick Kasukulu to choose a course that would remain relevant throughout his career.

“I decided to study a Bachelor of Business in Accounting because it would give me a strong foundation to work in almost any kind of industry, and I chose James Cook University (JCU) as the place to complete my degree because of its reputation for success.”

The course has allowed Erick to study a variety of subjects, including sustainable business and business in the Tropics, and he enjoys the practical experience the staff share with the students.

“Most of the lecturers have experience in the field. They bring you real-world scenarios from businesses in both good times and bad. They don’t just read from a book about how to get a company up and running – they bring you experience in doing it. This is what I want to learn because it’s going to happen to me one day.”

Erick was able to take advantage of JCU’s Intercampus Mobility program, and spent time studying at the University’s Singapore campus while receiving credit towards his course back in Australia. He says the experience was a successful one that challenged him to test his capabilities and make friends in the process.

“My time in Singapore gave me confidence to perform in my studies and helped me to find out what I am capable of. It’s an exciting experience because you get to meet people from all over the world and that exposes you to different cultures. It’s also really easy to travel and experience other places from there as well.”

After utilising the University’s mentor program in his first year, Erick decided to pass along his knowledge to the next generation of JCU students.

“Attending Orientation Week and getting to know some of the mentors helped me to understand more about the University and campus life and I’m now approved as a mentor myself. I’m also a member of the Business Club and the Amnesty International Club.”

Erick considers northern Queensland to be a great place to study and appreciates JCU’s commitment to making the University the best it can be for all students.

“I believe a university should challenge you and that’s exactly what JCU offers. They also have a culture of wanting to bring out more excitement in their students to help them achieve their best. I’m not just a name in a database, I have the freedom to express myself and the freedom to participate.”