Adam King

Adam King

Bachelor of Business in Human Resources Management

Adam King profileAdam King has recently completed a Bachelor of Business in Human Resources Management at JCU’s Cairns campus. He is originally from Sydney, but chose to relocate to the Tropics following a previous stint living in Cairns.

Adam began a career in financial services after leaving school, and was inspired to take up HR when he undertook some professional development courses and realised he had an aptitude with people. It was 11 years after leaving school that he would enrol into a university degree.

“When you’ve been in the workforce for a while and you take this on as a mature aged student, it means more to you because you understand what you’re giving up to do this. I chose to study HR because I’m a people person, and I wanted to expand upon that. I knew immediately that the course was right for me.”

Although the adjustment from work to academia was initially difficult, Adam settled in by making the most of the support services that JCU offer to new students.

“I originally gave myself one year – if I did fine, I would stay at uni. If not, I could at least say I tried!”

“I spent a lot of time at the Learning Centre in my first two semesters. I used all of JCU’s support resources and made suggestions to them for other things that might help students out.”

This is what led Adam to become heavily involved in the JCU community. He signed up to the JCU Mentor Program, which led to him becoming a Student Ambassador and the HR Representative at the JCU Business Students Club. He also helped the start-up of a new JCU club, and studied overseas at JCU’s Singapore campus for a semester.

“I’ve always been someone who’s liked helping others. I got to see the struggles that new students faced, and I think getting involved has helped me build my leadership skills.”

JCU has also helped Adam secure a number of career building positions. As a Business student, Adam completed 100 hours of practical work at an internship in Port Stephens, NSW. He’s also held a number of employment positions at JCU to help build up his resume.

“I loved working while studying. I had the opportunity to put the things I learnt in my degree to physical capacity. I’ve worked casually in multiple roles all through my degree, which has been fantastic.”

“I feel that JCU provides you with so much opportunity due to it being a regional university. The teachers in my course were approachable, supportive and fantastic! I’ve built a rapport with them over the years and I’ve never felt like a number.”

For Adam, the highlight of his time at JCU has been the community which has helped him to succeed.

“The whole community at JCU gives back and helps one another. It’s helped bring me over the finish line when I’ve had my doubts. I’m a completely different person to who I was four years ago, and I think it’s given me a platform to create and maximise my opportunities, and be a better version of myself.”

For future students in HR, Adam has some advice:

“Students should invest within their capacity to boost their opportunities. Employers don’t just want your degree anymore – they also want your interpersonal and soft skills. If you get involved with the life on campus, it will help improve your leadership and communication skills, which is what will help you to stand out in the workforce.”

Since graduating in 2016, Adam has secured his first full-time HR job. Within 10 years, he would like to use his degree to live overseas and travel.