Aomi Ishiguro

Aomi Ishiguro

Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Ecology

Aomi Ishiguro - Bachelor of Science

Ever since she was young, Aomi Ishiguro knew she wanted to work with animals.

“I love animals but I didn’t want to do Agriculture, and Veterinary Science wasn’t for me, so because I want to help to protect animals, Zoology was the perfect course.”

Aomi wasn’t able to find a university that met her needs in Japan so she started looking overseas and chose Australia for the new experiences it would offer.

“I had never been to Australia and it has lots of unique animals like koalas and kangaroos. One of my high school teachers told me James Cook University has a strong Zoology course so I chose here. It was a perfect match.”

She has really enjoyed the way the course was delivered which allowed her to gain experience working with real animals.

“The Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Ecology at James Cook University (JCU) offers a lot of hands-on practical classes plus really cool field trips. I’ve been on field trips to Magnetic Island and Wambiana Station, which were amazing.”

Because life in Australia is so different to life in Japan, Aomi found the transition a little bit hard but was able to use some of the activities JCU international have on offer, such as Free Lunch Fridays, to settle in easier.

“I went to the barbeques, the sausage sizzles. I always enjoyed those. As I make more friends and spend time with them, I have been able to find a balance between working and studying, with time to relax on weekends.”

When she finishes her degree, Aomi hopes to find a job where she can put the skills she learned at JCU to good use.

“Because I want to help animals, I’m looking to work in a zoo or a sanctuary. Maybe even in a national park.”

Aomi recommends that people researching courses and universities should pick the ones that provide the right fit for their needs – and if that’s Zoology then JCU is a great place to come.

“If you want to study Zoology, I would say yes to JCU. It’s a good university and there are two campuses offering the course that you can choose from, Townsville and Cairns.”