Blake Owens

Blake Owens

Bachelor of Business in Accounting

Blake Owens - Bachelor of Business (External)“Working on a ship in the ocean meant I was away for three weeks at a time and James Cook University (JCU) gave me the option to study externally, with the flexibility to meet face-to-face when I was in town.

I found it quite easy - I would map out the semester, then I could go step-by-step through it, studying at home and a little bit while I was away.

With WiFi and internet services on board the ship, I could connect wherever I was and watch recorded tutorials in my own time. The teachers were very supportive and any questions were sorted out quickly via email.

When I finished working on the ship, I emailed the lecturers to say I would be in town for the rest of the semester and they said it was fine for me to turn up in person.

It’s an advantage to be able to manage your own time. I balance my life and study, and when work appears I can take every shift. As long as you’ve got the recordings and the books, you can study 100,000 kilometres away if you want to.

I plan to transfer to internal study next year and because I follow the same subject guide as the internal students, I don’t anticipate any issues.

I chose to study a JCU Bachelor of Business in Accounting as it opens a range of doors, such as owning a small business or working in financial management. It keeps my options broad.”