Brook Jurss

Brook Jurss

Bachelor of Creative Media in Photomedia

Brook holding a cameraPhotomedia was a natural choice for Brook Jurss because she has always loved taking photos of her friends and family.

“Portraiture is what I love to do and what appeals to me the most. I have always been the one on family holidays taking the photos.”

Brook says that studying photomedia at James Cook University (JCU) has helped her to cement her understanding of photography and why she does it.

“The most important thing I’ve learned is how to define my practice and to draw on influences to help me better my practices. You learn from classes, from other students, and you’re constantly learning. We learn practical skills with lighting and studios but the theory behind it solidifies what I do and why I do it.”

JCU offers a range of facilities to Creative Media students, which Brook says she uses almost every second day.

“You’ve got the studios, equipment you can borrow, and the staff are really helpful. I’m always in the equipment store borrowing equipment, I’m going to miss it when I finish. Having access to a 24 hour Mac lab is incredible.”

She has also found that the course has introduced her to other fields within the creative media discipline which has exposed her to more opportunities and ideas.

“I want to become a photographer but through this course I found an interest in design and film as well. It helps open your eyes to new, emerging arts and the possibility of new media collaboration.”

As a part of her course, Brook took up a work placement with a local wedding photographer in Townsville.

“I did that as a part of a professional practice. It was invaluable experience to have that as a part of my university degree. I found the photographer and JCU helped to confirm and improve the placement, which I received credit for.”

Growing up in Charters Towers, Brook wanted a university that wasn’t too far from home but now feels she’s ready to take her photography wherever it leads.

“I always had my heart set on JCU no matter what I chose to study. When I graduate, I’ll probably move down south and work on establishing my photography business and do that full time. I’m also interested in makeup artistry so I think I’ll combine the two crafts to work for myself doing wedding and family photography.

“I definitely feel ready to enter the industry. It’s a very practical course so I have no doubt I’ll be ready to go.”