Chi Wei

Chi Wei

Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Ecology

Chi Wei in text picture

“At JCU I am studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Zoology, because I love animals and wanted to learn more about them. I chose to study in Australia because it has a welcoming environment and people here are concerned about animal conservation.”

Chi Wei learnt English at school in Taiwan, but needed more practical skills in order to study at university level. She participated in a 10 week English Language Program, run by the Union Institute of Language (UIL), on JCU’s Townsville campus. The course focussed on English speaking, academic writing and examination procedures, which successfully helped Chi prepare for her future studies.

“My course has covered many topics such as chemistry, geology, biology and genetics. It has been a good way to broaden my mind. I have been on several field trips to look at the effects of erosion on river systems and different Australian forests.”

JCU’s accommodation services helped Chi find an off-campus residence, which she shares with another student.  When she arrived in Townsville, JCU’s International Student Officer introduced Chi to the on-campus Asian Cultural Association, which connected her with people from other countries and supports the celebration of special cultural events.

“In my holidays I went horse riding on Magnetic Island and travelled to Cairns and Port Douglas for snorkelling and scuba diving. I really enjoyed the underwater experience.”

When she needs assistance with her subjects, Chi talks to her lecturers after class or is able to drop into their offices at other times for a chat.

“People are very friendly and relaxed Townsville, and it is not as busy as Taiwan.  It is easy to focus on your studies as there are not too many distractions.”

When she finishes her course, Chi would like to find a job in Australia to gain more practical experience, before continuing with further study.