Daniel Spero

Daniel Spero

Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

Daniel Spero - Bachelor of Education (Secondary)When Daniel Spero was looking for a lifestyle change, he looked back on his time at school for inspiration and decided he wanted to make a difference in the lives of young people.

“Some of the positive decisions I made in life were because of positive influences teachers had on me and I guess I wanted to be that mentor for other students too.”

Because he already held a formal qualification, JCU was able to recognise and give credit for his prior learning.

“I’m a boat builder by trade, I have a Cert III in Marine Craft Construction, and because I’m becoming a manual arts teacher, JCU took my certificate into consideration.”

For Daniel, the highlight of his course was the practical components which allowed him to experience real classrooms and solidified his decision to become a teacher.

“You go into real schools, you get to do observations, meet the students, teach classes and by the time you’re in your final year, you’re a full time teacher.”

Daniel felt the way the program was structured with practical components and a chance to build a rapport with local schools really helped him to develop his confidence and gave him a realistic idea of the workforce.

“Throughout the whole course at JCU, they give you small doses and ease you into the program and by the time you’re end of your second year you’re pretty raring to go. You can get a feeling of what it’s going to be like in the future when you get a job.”

He also felt it was an advantage to be taught by people who have experience in the education system and were able to provide them with practical information before they went out into the field.

“It’s really good that there are people in JCU that are from the education industry, they’re from different cultural backgrounds, they’re from different disciplines, and they can give you a wide range of opinions and information which can help you in your studies and in your teaching career.”