Emily Standen

Emily Standen

Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences

Emily Standen Landscape - BiomedEmily Standen discovered her passion for science education and communication through her Biomedical Sciences degree and her involvement in JCU’s extracurricular activities.

“Initially I was interested in studying medicine, but I didn’t want to do a six-year medical degree.  Learning about the science behind medicine instead was a good start, so I chose to study Biomedical Sciences at JCU.”

“I was the President of the Biomedical Students Association for one year, which was fun. I encouraged the Student Association to take on a more mentoring role for our first year students, and I found that experience to be really valuable and rewarding.”

After graduating from her degree and her Graduate Diploma of Education at JCU, Emily moved to Canberra and began working for Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre. She now works for the CSIRO running education programs that highlight their research to Australian school students.

“At Questacon I was travelling with science and technology shows all around Australia. I then got a policy and communication job with the Climate Change Science Team, which was quite interesting.”

“Through my time at Questacon, I visited so many places in Australia that I wouldn’t have ordinarily seen. I’ve also had the opportunity to witness the inner workings of the government, which is fascinating. To now be part of a national team that’s representing the CSIRO is pretty exciting.”

Being involved in JCU’s community is something that Emily believes has helped her in her role at the CSIRO today.

“One of the best things about studying at JCU is the variety of people you meet. The number of students who aren’t from Townsville is very high. That exposure to people from all around the world set me up really well because my current job focuses on talking to people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.”

“There’s a lot more to science communication – anyone can get into it, and you can take it wherever you want.  It’s such an exciting field to be working in.”

Reflecting on her experience at JCU, Emily has some advice for future students.

“Keep your mind open. Take the opportunity to explore as many different options as you can, and get involved with the JCU community! Don’t let your university experience be just about studying, there’s a lot more to it.”