Erin Jusseaume

Erin Jusseaume

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Journalism

Erin Jusseaume - Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Journalism

Erin Jusseaume knew she wanted to return to study and took her time finding the right course to suit her needs. After speaking with members of James Cook University’s (JCU) journalism team, she knew that was what she wanted to do.

“I wanted to be able to connect my course with my personal life, which is a rural lifestyle. I’ve worked in the agriculture industry and I wanted to be able to connect old with new. Choosing multimedia journalism is probably the best decision I made.”

She says that talking to JCU staff helped her to understand the variety of skills multimedia journalism covers and the range of options you can do with a career in that industry.

“You don’t actually know until you talk to someone. Some people think journalism is only newspapers but the world and society is always evolving and journalism has moved from hardcore print into multimedia. All of the major media outlets have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and there are online magazines replacing print.”

As the industry evolves and changes, Erin loves that JCU retains all of the core fundamentals of journalism while adding a multimedia aspect within the degree and a practical approach to learning which encourages students to go out and get published.

“It’s great that the University is able to recognise that there are certain skills that journalists do need. What I love about multimedia journalism at James Cook University (JCU) is that it’s not sitting the classroom for four years going to tutorials and lecturers with two weeks’ prac here and there. You’re encouraged to get out there and do things; go to events, and submit stories. I can now say that I’ve done a lot of print work and been published nationally and internationally.”

Driving and supporting Erin as she has developed her skills and sought out stories for publication is the JCU journalism team.

“The lecturers here really do care. They are so diverse over so many decades and genres, and they’re not just national, they’re international. They are at the top of their field.”

Also a student mentor, Erin recommends that students embrace the course from week one, start to build you portfolio and get to know people in the industry.

“You understand why journalists love their job so much because you meet interesting people, you find interesting things to do and every day is so different you will never do the same thing. I’ve found how I fit into the industry now and I’m ready to make a living out of it.”