Hollie Ellis

Hollie Ellis

Bachelor of Business in Sports and Events Management

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For Hollie Ellis, the best thing about being an Event Operations Coordinator with Ironman Asia Pacific is knowing she has been a part of putting together events that people enjoy.

“We come to a new site that  is fresh for us to develop on and we create a stage for our team and for our athletes. It is complex and challenging in the lead up and then watching it all happen on the weekend and everybody enjoying what we've created to deliver their experience, is pretty special.”

Hollie’s role involves working on the operations and logistics of events and includes work both in and out of the office.

"It's nice, we work hard in the office, we're at our computers completing all our pre-planning, but when we're on site it's a completely different role again. It's a dynamic role being able to have that mix between the two."

Hollie transferred into a Bachelor of Business with a double major in Sports & Event Management and Marketing following a change of heart after her first year in another degree.

“It seemed like something I might be interested in and from there my grades got better, my attention to the degree was a whole lot stronger and I just fell in love with it.”

The degree gave Hollie a foundation in business practice, with her chosen majors allowing her to specialise in her desired field.

“We then were able to do subjects that were based solely around event management, marketing and public relations. I did a sport and event management law subject as well which just gave us a good introduction into other aspects of what our degree could provide for us in future job roles.”

Hollie’s first role came while she was in the second year of her degree, working as an event coordinator with the Townsville Triathlon Festival.

“Being able to actually apply what I was learning at JCU and doing it as a real job, not even out of uni, was something I was pretty proud of.”

Feeling like she has already achieved some of her career goals, Hollie’s aim is to now grow her skills by meeting more people and working with current trends in the industry, with a potential long term goal of returning to JCU to teach.

“I’ve worked with quite a few students through the various roles and I've always enjoyed trying to pass on what I've learnt.”

“I've really enjoyed my career progression since graduating, and really thankful for the start that I got from James Cook University.”