Jo-Anne Hunt

Jo-Anne Hunt

Jo-Anne Hunt has always been passionate about human rights and fairness for all. When she was eight years old growing up in Mozambique, some family friends were involved in a car accident and Jo-Anne was outraged by what she felt was an injustice at how they were treated.

“I actually saw the drunk driver bribe the policeman. The policeman then took our friends’ passports and arrested them, and I thought how unfair it was that the driver was able to just drive away while still drunk. That’s when I decided to do Law.”

The highlight of Jo-Anne’s Law studies has been participating in the moot court which was run by the University.

“I did the mooting competition at JCU’s Townsville City Campus, which was a really good experience. It was great to see how it works in real life and to have Justice David North as our judge. He was tough but we learned so much from him.”

Jo-Anne moved to Townsville when she finished secondary school and felt at home with the tropical, beach atmosphere.

“It reminds me a lot of where I came from and I thought ‘I can do this.’ People were really friendly and I fell in love with The Strand, Townsville’s waterfront.”

She felt nervous when she started University but the activities on offer made it easy to transition and make friends.

“I was a really scared little kid. I felt like I had been pushed into the deep end but I made friends quickly and some of those friends I still have today. I went to all the workshops they offered and all the social activities, which helped greatly.”

Another thing that assisted her in first year, was living on campus in one of the Halls of Residence – and she loved it so much she stayed.

“I’m in my fourth year and I’m still living on campus. I’m a residential assistant at Rotary International House so I’m involved with all sorts of things including the Fisher Shield sporting competition between the on-campus residences.”

Jo-Anne hasn’t decided yet which legal field she wants to specialise in when she finishes her degree, however her volunteer job at the Townsville Community Legal Service may help her with the decision.

“I’m really into corporate law at the moment, but I’m also enjoying working for a non-profit organisation because I like helping people.”