Lachlan Robertson

Lachlan Robertson

Bachelor of Information Technology

Lachlan Robertson sitting at a computerFrom the first time he interacted with computers, there was no doubt in Lachlan Robertson’s mind – he saw their potential and he wanted to work with it.  

“I’ve always loved programming. To be able to tell a computer what I want it to do and watch it go from nothing but text on a screen to a full, interactive application, is exactly what I want to do.”

Lachlan’s favourite part about the Bachelor of Information Technology (IT) at James Cook University (JCU) is the people.

“It’s such a nice atmosphere. Everyone in IT at JCU is very helpful, it’s like a community they’ve built up, and it means I don’t have to travel all the way down to Sydney or Brisbane to get this level of education. The teachers have been in the industry so they’ve seen how it all works and experienced it before. They also have an attitude where they say ‘try it this way’ as opposed to ‘you’ve done it wrong.’”

He also appreciates that the course is orientated towards working in the industry and teaches the skills that businesses are looking for, which makes him feel prepared for the workforce.

“Everything that they teach you at JCU is what businesses look for. Even the soft skills like talking to people and discussing things with clients, they all help a lot when you actually get out into the industry. They also offer internships which are extremely helpful for networking and learning things that a university could never teach you.”

Before he started at JCU, Lachlan was worried it would be a huge jump where he wouldn’t know anyone or what to do, but he spoke to student mentors who helped to point him in the right direction.

“It was actually really simple, especially once I worked out that it wasn’t as intimidating as I first thought it would be. The mentors helped to explain where classes were or who I should see when I had questions.”

Ultimately, Lachlan’s dream is to work for a top company in Silicone Valley.

“As soon as I finish university I’d like to find a job in the local community so I can start to get some real hands on experience so I can work my way up to somewhere like Google or Apple. It will take some time but I know that if I keep at it, I can give it a shot.”