Reuben George

Reuben George - MBBS

Reuben George is a mature-aged student from Toronto, Canada. He arrived in Australia in 2013 after being accepted into JCU’s Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree.

“My medical degree has definitely fulfilled my desire to help people. Even from elementary school I enjoyed helping my friends in maths and English, or helping younger players in sport. With medicine you can help people and make a difference.”

“I had already completed a degree in Biology with Honours back home. I was taking a look at various medicine programs and JCU stood out to me because of their emphasis on rural and remote care, as well as the health issues that Australia and Canada have in common.”

Being involved with social activities on-campus helped Reuben adjust to Australian life. He has been actively involved with working as a JCU Student Ambassador, as well as volunteering for University Experience, JCU Mentoring, Open Day, and joining the Medical Student Association and JCU Sports.

“I didn’t do much in my first degree in Canada so I thought I’d change it up and do a lot more in my second degree. It’s given me a more worldly experience of Townsville. I think it’s helped me to interact with the community better and get into the culture that is Australia.”

“As a mature student you can find it hard to go back to study and have nobody to talk to – doing all these things gets you talking to people from other programs and it helps with facilitating teamwork during classes or events.”

Reuben believes that the variety of placements undertaken during his studies has been highlight of his course.

“So far I’ve done a paediatric placement with a doctor in Townsville. He allowed me to do a lot of work and interact with patients. In second year my placement was in Charters Towers, where I got to rotate around the hospital, the GP clinic and various other community services.”

“This year I’m doing an ER placement at Townsville Hospital, seeing how the city works with different emergencies. After this I won’t complete placements as I’ll be spending all my time in GP clinics, hospital areas or private practice. The degree also lets me go to Townsville, Cairns, Mackay or Darwin for clinical practice.”

Upon completing his degree, Reuben looks forward to moving on to specialised training to become a paediatrician.