Saliza Bono

Saliza Awang Bono in text picture“After conducting some research, I chose JCU because it is one of the best universities in the world to study Marine Science and Marine Biology.”

Originally from Malaysia, Saliza Bono moved to Australia in 2013 and enrolled in a Bachelor of Marine Science at JCU’s Townsville campus.

“I always wanted to study Marine Science. Since beginning the course, I have dived on the Great Barrier Reef and done field trips around Townsville, including out on JCU’s boat. We saw dolphins that day, which was pretty cool.”

Saliza enjoys the ‘open-door’ policy that her JCU lecturers adopt. For her, it means they are very approachable and she is able to drop in for a chat whenever she wants. The program’s support services also make Saliza’s student life easier, with a dedicated staff member able to help her with her subject choices and studies. Saliza also likes the international flavour of the campus.

“It’s been a real highlight to meet so many welcoming international students studying at JCU. I now have friends from Switzerland, Germany and Hong Kong.”

As part of her on-campus social activities, Saliza is president of JCU’s Crochet and Knitting Club.  They knit items for babies in hospital and other charity groups. She enjoys learning from creative people and discovering how different individuals can be.  

Last year Saliza volunteered at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) helping a PhD student conduct her experiments about coal’s effects on fish, coral and seagrass beds.  This year, she is assisting the same student in the laboratory.  After she graduates Saliza wants to continue onto a Masters and PhD, studying dolphins and whales.

“If you are thinking of studying in Australia, don’t hesitate, just come to JCU. I found it really easy to adjust to campus life and there is help everywhere. It’s probably going to be the best decision of your life.”