Snorre Larsen

 Engineering student working on Honours project

I love the fact that JCU has small class sizes. You get more time with the engineering lecturers and it’s a much more hands-on approach than at other unis where the classes are bigger. The small classes mean you are able to get help much more easily, you bond with your other classmates and it’s a lot easier to form friendships. I also really like the tropics, so when I got the acceptance letter I couldn’t say no.

I appreciate the support here — most of the lecturers have an open-door policy making it easier to build working relationships with them. They have been friendly and helpful when I needed help with assignments. Also, the international student support team was a great help when I had to transition degrees — they made it a really simple process.

The field trips that we went on in my first and second year were really helpful in helping me decide what I wanted to major in as we got to see how professional engineers work. The lecturers also organise professionals within the industry to present guest lectures. These and the field trips help to give students a realistic idea of what is expected of engineers once we graduate.

The highlight of my study has been how immersed in the culture I have become. All the different people I’ve met through the social clubs and events, there’s so many things happening, it’s fantastic.

When I move back to Norway I’ll find a job within the engineering field. Eventually I’d really like to become a teacher.