Srishti Jindal

Bachelor of Information student, Srishti, studying

At first, it was hard to adjust to university life — I had never been to any other country before I moved to Singapore. I found the support that JCU offered extremely helpful in assisting in my transition into study. They counselled me, explained how to do assignments, how to complete the practicals, find the lecture notes — everything!

I chose JCU because their experts are from a diverse range of sectors and it is a global university. I love the multicultural environment as it enables me to learn from people with many different perspectives. I love living in Townsville. The calmness of a regional area that has a smaller population than bigger cities appeals to me.

My lecturers are really friendly and understanding and have so much knowledge of their respective fields. They go into detail about each subject area and explain everything in a way that helps their students to understand. If we don’t understand a certain topic, I like how they visualise the theory to help us.

My favourite part about the course is that we get to create projects that have real-world applications and these can contribute to my portfolio. The programming subject is awesome, I have created so many Android apps using Java. For my assignments, I’ve built many websites that address actual issues.

In the IT sector, it’s really important to be able to work effectively in teams. I think that everything I am doing throughout my degree is helping me to enter the work force. I completed an internship at the Townsville Hospital where we worked on creating a solution for nurses to collect data for their patients. In a team of five students, we developed an app nurses could use to streamline this process. My internships are helping me learn how to behave in a professional environment and work with various people and diverse ideas.

The day I joined JCU, I decided to become an IT expert. I want to create games that help people in their everyday life. I’m nearing the end of my Bachelor’s degree and this is not the end of my study, I have a long way to go. I want to do my Masters with JCU so I can specialise in gaming and will then apply to work in multinational companies.