Tayla Corbett

Tayla Corbett

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) - Bachelor of Science

Tayla Corbett - Eng-Sci

Tayla Corbett graduated in 2014 with an OP 1 from Ryan Catholic College in Townsville. After considering her options, she chose to pursue a joint degree in engineering and science at JCU.

“I had a lot of people point me towards medicine because that’s what they assumed someone with an OP 1 should do. Medicine never really appealed to me, so I came to JCU to speak with some lecturers and students in the joint engineering and science degree, and it sounded like it was exactly what I wanted to do.”

After receiving some advice from her teachers and family, Tayla conducted some online research and came across the Dean’s Scholarship in Science, Technology and Engineering. After submitting an application based on her academic and community achievements, she was awarded with a scholarship to the sum of $10,000 per academic year.

“My scholarship takes a huge weight off because I know that I’m not going to leave university with debt. It’s been a major relief to know that I can pursue outside opportunities. For example, I’d like to spend a semester abroad, and with the scholarship I know that I’m going to be able to afford to do that.”

“I’d love to continue my studies after my degree too, and I’m going to have the opportunity to do that without worrying about my finances. I want to travel and explore where my degree can take me, and this scholarship gives me the chance to do that.”

Since receiving the scholarship, Tayla has found that her transition into university life has been made a lot easier.

“The scholarship takes the major financial pressure off studying. In addition, it’s also been a lot easier to not have that stress of living far away from family and friends, as well as the things you’re familiar with.”

Although only completing her first year at university, Tayla has some advice for future students thinking of studying engineering and science.

“I definitely think you should do your research, especially with scholarships. There are so many options with JCU and through Government and industry opportunities, but you need to have passion.”

At this stage, Tayla would like to pursue majors in physics and chemical or mechanical engineering. After graduating, she would like to continue her studies into scientific research and eventually become a professor or lecturer.