Valerie Motet

Valerie MotetValerie Motet, originally from Copenhagen in Denmark, decided to enrol in a Bachelor of Psychological Science at JCU Singapore during her gap year.

“I started working at a bar after I arrived in Singapore. While I was doing that I applied to study psychology at JCU because I had finished my IB Diploma. My Dad was already working and living in Singapore, and he recommended I check out JCU. He is studying a Master’s degree there.”

Shortly after commencing her studies, Valerie was told about the Intercampus Mobility program, offering both domestic and international students the chance to study at a different JCU campus for one or two semesters.

“I love having this chance to experience Australia. That’s the best part about this program –I’m experiencing a different type of teaching. Australia is so open – if you need help you just ask for it, and there’s no such thing as a stupid question. The teachers here are enthusiastic and passionate about what they’re teaching, I really appreciate that.”

Valerie chose to study on the Cairns campus during her time in the program. She has grown to love Australia and believes that her teachers and fellow students have been the highlights of her experience.

“The friendliness of people in both Singapore and Cairns is the best thing about living in both places. People are genuinely interested in me and my background.”

“The program has given me a more holistic view of my future. I love experiencing this new culture and lifestyle in Australia – it’s very laid back and relaxed.”

Valerie has some advice for students thinking of coming from Singapore, on the program, to study in Australia.

"When you get here, take it easy and don't panic. Enjoy the experience and take everything as it comes. But also, don't procrastinate. Make sure that you plan ahead so that you don't burn out when your assignments are due"

Upon completion of her degree at JCU Singapore, Valerie would like to return to Australia and potentially begin studying her Master’s degree in Psychology.

“I would like to come back here for my postgraduate studies and see more of Australia, but Cairns has a special place in my heart. I’d definitely recommend the Intercampus Mobility program to my friends back home.”