William Hall

William Hall

Bachelor of Exercise Physiology (Clinical)

Will HallWilliam Hall grew up in Cairns and graduated from Redlynch State College in 2012. After playing soccer for over 10 years, as well as rugby league and AFL through high school, Will decided he wanted to study something in sports.

“My goal was initially to study physiotherapy, but I didn’t get the marks required for that. I had to settle for sports science, but I’m so glad I did because it’s right up my alley. Working with sports and exercise is something I’m really passionate about, so it was an easy decision.”

After his first year in a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science, Will transferred into a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology (Clinical) to focus more on his interest in exercise prescription.

“The exercise physiology degree focusses on prescribing exercise to increase physical activity and counteract chronic diseases. We’ve done so much in the three years I’ve studied at JCU. So far we’ve covered everything from physics to nutrition, exercise prescription, strength and conditioning, and biomechanics.”

Throughout his degree, Will has worked on three placements as well as client-based work in JCU’s sports science lab. This past year he’s worked for a PhD student, the Trinity Beach Tennis Club and the PEACH Program, an educational program for parents addressing childhood exercise and nutrition.

“There are many opportunities in the community for placement work. In addition, the facilities at JCU are really good and it’s very easy to develop an exercise program there. Everyone works with different clients who range from young to elderly, so it’s got everything to suit all different demographics.”

Will believes that the best part of his degree is the strong relationships he’s built with his classmates, teachers and clients. Although the transition from school to university was overwhelming at first, Will believes that the knowledge gained from every subject is going to help him in his career.

“You can really see how everything you’ve learnt in the last three years has been coming together through the clients we work with. We’ve learnt a whole range of different things which has helped me prepare for work.”

After graduation, Will is hoping to gain more work experience while undertaking another course in strength and conditioning. Ultimately he would like to work with high-level professional sports teams, both in Australia and overseas.