Yue Zhang

Yue Zhang

Bachelor of Business in Marketing

Yue Zhang - Bachelor of BusinessYue Zhang loves the small class sizes of her Bachelor of Business in Marketing course at James Cook University JCU, which allow for one-on-one communication with teaching staff.

“All the professors at JCU devote more time individually for every individual student. When I send them an email saying I’ve got questions, they’re always so willing to help.”

Outside of the classroom, Yue participates in a number of volunteer programs including University Open Days and was involved with the 2014 Australian Tourism Exchange, which was organised through one of her event management subjects.

“I get a lot out of volunteer programs.”

For Yue, another highlight of studying at JCU is the international atmosphere which has allowed her to make friends from all over the world.

“I’ve met a lot of people from Canada and the United States, and European countries – it's a good place for socialising.”

She also enjoys some of the difference between life back home and life here in Australia.

“All the cities I used to live in were all big cities with big populations, which meant a lot of pollution, crowds and dark skies – but here it's so tropical and it's blue skies every day!”

During weekends and study breaks, Yue can be found taking advantage of North Queensland’s relaxed, tropical lifestyle.

“You have so many options to choose from if you want to go to a waterfall, or just chill on the beach, or hang out with friends.”

When Yue finishes her Undergraduate degree, she is considering pursuing a Master's qualification.