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The QRC-PVD seeks expressions of interest from outstanding PhD, Masters and Honours candidates with relevant science backgrounds to undertake a range of peripheral vascular disease related projects encompassing both pre-clinical and clinical work. Both full and top-up scholarships are available for applicants with excellent academic results and who are motivated to study this important area.

Postgraduate Students

Potential PhD projects in the QRC-PVD include:

  • Developing new mice models of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA)
  • Investigating the effect of medication on aneurysm development and progression in mice models
  • Relating human biomarkers to AAA presence and progression
  • Investigating mechanisms underlying the association of obesity and AAA
  • Investigating the influence of exercise on pathological markers of AAA.
  • Assessing the influence of cytokines on aneurysm development in mice models.

Students interested in undertaking a PhD or Masters project in the QRC-PVD should contact Professor Jon Golledge to discuss these and other projects of mutual interest.

Scholarship Opportunities

Higher degree students may be eligible for a scholarship through the Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) scheme or the James Cook University Postgraduate Research Scholarship scheme. Other scholarship opportunities may also be available, please visit Scholarships@JCU to search available scholarships.

The QRCPVD offers Combined PhD scholarships of up to $34,000 p.a to APA or JCU post graduate scholarship holders who wish to undertake research within the QRCPVD at James Cook University.

Students who have completed their undergraduate training in a MBBS, BSc, BBiomedSc, BMedlabSc or equivalent program and are interested in participating in the Medicine or Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honours Program are encouraged to contact Professor Jon Golledge . Honours studies require a full-time commitment for one  year (two semesters) and can start in either February or August.

Potential Honours Projects in the QRC-PVD include:

  • Pharmacological inhibition of aortic aneurysm using an animal model.
  • Genetic determinants of aortic aneurysm development in an animal model.
  • Genetic determinants of aortic aneurysm in patients.
  • Examining critical pathways in aortic aneurysm in vitro using human cells and explants.
  • Examining critical pathways in atherosclerosis plaque instability in vitro.
  • Examining genetics of varicose veins.

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