RDIM Frequently Asked Questions Where should field notes (observations, recollection, reflections) be stored?

Where should field notes (observations, recollection, reflections) be stored?

Field notes are classified as primary materials and as such are required to be kept as they support the research output (i.e. thesis or publication).  Field notes need to be added to the Data Record prior to completion of the research project.

  • If electronic: these can be uploaded to Research Data JCU (If this data exceeds 100mb or contains sensitive information, contact researchdata@jcu.edu.au to organise appropriate storage.
  • If physical (hard copy): follow the appropriate archiving process for the college / centre.

Primary materials are defined as “print, digital or physical objects collected and/or used during scholarly activity and investigation from which research data may be obtained. It includes materials such as ore, biological material, questionnaires or recordings and also includes durable records derived from them (such as assays, test results, transcripts, and laboratory and field notes).  Primary material may be data or information”.  (Taken from the Management of Data and Information in Research Procedure)