Research Division Strategic Intent

Strategic Intent

JCU’s research performance is inspired by its 'power of place'.

We are committed to providing shape and direction to our research through alignment with the four major themes of the University Plan:

  • Tropical Ecosystems and Environment
  • Industries and Economies in the Tropics
  • Peoples and Societies in the Tropics, and
  • Tropical Health, Medicine and Biosecurity

Defining Features

From a research perspective, the key defining features of JCU are:

  • A research intensive, regionally based university with a distinctive location of global significance
  • A unique focus on research that builds a brighter future for life in the tropics
  • A commitment to research of relevance to regional industries and communities, and
  • A commitment to rural, remote and Indigenous communities.

Research Division

The Research Division has a broad remit to support JCU’s scholarly research activities. The Division provides a wide range of research administration services to academic and research staff, including:

  • Administering research education and training
  • Managing the commercialisation of research
  • Delivering and supporting research infrastructure
  • Providing performance analysis to colleges and divisions
  • Supporting research centres and institutes
  • Policy formulation, and
  • Providing strategic direction and leadership to research and research education for the University.

The Division is strongly geared to supporting JCU’s tropical agenda as alignment with the University’s Strategic Intent has a determinative influence on the execution of the Division’s responsibilities including, for example, prominent focus on alignment with strategic intent in selection criteria for internal grants schemes and establishment of research centres and institutes.