Research Services Contacts

Research Services Contacts

Research Services is the driving force supporting and facilitating a wide range of research-related activities at James Cook University. This support spans research ethics and integrity, research performance data and policies, competitive grant funding, contract research with industry partners, research-related  consultancies and tenders, and the protection and commercialisation of intellectual property.


The main office for Research Services can be found in Townsville - Building 17. Click here for a map of the campus. For reception, take the stairs to the first floor from the main entrance and proceed down the corridor on the right.

Office Phone: (07) 478 15011; Office Email:

Rochelle Finlay - 0429 225 915

Rochelle Finlay -  Director, Research ServicesRochelle leads the Research Services team in its mission to provide strategic and operational support for JCU researchers across a range of research-related activities. Through the development and delivery of strategic initiatives, Rochelle leads Research Service’s contribution to diversifying sources of research income, growing income from research-related consulting and tender activities, and ensuring access to JCU’s intellectual property, expertise, and facilities.

Working closely with academic staff and other units within JCU, Rochelle ensures that the Research Services team are positioned to respond quickly and professionally to research-related opportunities and challenges as they arise, and to leverage off existing opportunities for JCU.

Research Development Manager
Tony Tucker - (07) 478 14422

Photo of Tony Tucker, Business Development Manager, TownsvilleTony provides a broad range of support for JCU researchers to partner with industry, government and the community. His specialist expertise is in connecting researchers with appropriate sources of funding and handling negotiations with partners to the formal contract stage. Tony's portfolio will expand and build on existing, and create new networks to foster potential industry partners for JCU.

Research Contracts Officer
Jim Campbell - (07) 478 15238

Photo of Jim Campbell Research legal Officer Research Services, Townsville Jim assists researchers across JCU with research funding agreements. He drafts or reviews legal agreements whether they relate to more collaborative  research  ventures  or  straight research consultancies. He enjoys helping researchers navigate the legal issues contained in those agreements such as Intellectual Property, Moral Rights and Indemnities. By helping to negotiate the more formal aspects of these funding arrangements, Jim facilitates a smoother  and  clearer  context  for researchers to do what they would prefer to do - Research.

Manager, Research Ethics and Grants
Tina Langford - (07) 478 14342

Photo of Tina Langford Manager, Research Ethics and Grants Research Services, Townsville Tina manages the ethics and research grants teams in the Research Office. She provides mentoring, guidance and strategic advice to the James Cook University community research ethics; and integrity policy and research grant information.

Animal Welfare Officer
Craig Godfrey - (07) 478 16506

Photo of Craig Godfrey, Animal Welfare Officer, Research Services, Townsville Craig provides expert veterinary advice about the well-being, care and use of animals for scientific purposes to the University community. He supports animal users through the provision of technical advice and training. In close liaison with the JCU Animal Ethics Committee, Craig also develops and implements policy and procedures to be compliant with the Australian Code for the Care and Use of Animals and the QLD Animal Care and Protection Act and conducts regular scheduled and unannounced inspections of facilities and research sites.

Animal Ethics Officer
Noema Patterson - (07) 478 14484

Photo of Noema Patterson Animal Ethics Officer Research Services, Townsville As the Animal Ethics Officer, Noema is responsible for administration of animal ethics applications relating to all research and teaching involving  animals. She is the administrative support for the University’s Animal Ethics Committee and also works cooperatively with the Human Ethics Officer.

Human Ethics Officer
Helen Griffiths - (07) 478 16575

Photo of Helen Griffiths Human Ethics Officer Research Services, Townsville Helen is responsible for the administration of human research ethics applications relating to all research and teaching involving human participants.  She is the administrative support for the University’s Human Research Ethics Committee, and also works cooperatively with the Animal Ethics Officer.

Grants Administrator (NHMRC, Biomedical and Humanities)
TBA  (07) 478 16213

This position has particular responsibility in administering National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grants, and is also the default point of contact and administrator for  enquiries  about  external  granting schemes from researchers in the Division of Tropical Health and Medicine and the Colleges of Business, Law & Governance and Arts, Society and Education. The position supports the administration of research grants for these researchers by improving the quality of external applications and sharing knowledge about grant administration, application and post-award processes throughout the University community.

Grants Administrator (ARC and Sciences)
Annette Ryan - (07) 478 15361

Photo of Annette Ryan, Grants Officer, Research Services Townsville Annette is responsible for coordinating all ARC funding rounds, and administering successful ARC grants. She is the first point of contact for the College of Science & Engineering, Indigenous Education and Research Centre and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies. Annette is responsible for checking all applications, providing feedback, submission to funding bodies in a timely manner, and when successful providing documentation to Financial & Business Services for account opening.

Manager, Research Information
Marianne Brown - (07) 478 14568

Photo of Marianne Brown Manager, Research Information Research Services, Townsville Marianne is responsible for the strategic development of JCU’s Research Information Management System (RIMS) supporting research management and public accountability. She manages the maintenance and plans the ongoing development of the system, its peripheral systems and web interfaces. She provides reports on research activity to both internal and external parties.

Systems & Database Officer
Cedric Hensman - (07) 478 16804

Photo of Cedric Hensman, Systems and Database Officer, Research Services, TownsvilleCedric is responsible for the day-to-day operation of JCU's Research Information Management System (RIMS). He is responsible  for  implementing  new  features and providing support to the users of RIMS.

Administrative Assistant
Lenore Brown - (07) 478 15376

Photo of Lenore Radley Administrative Assistant Research Services, Townsville Lenore provides administrative support to the Research Office. She assists with database entry, processing of grants, contracts and consultancies documentation.


In Cairns, Research Services is based Room 102C, in Sir Robert Norman Building, E2. Click here for a map of the campus.
Office Phone: (07) 423 21752

Manager, Development and Commercialisation
Seth Jones - (07) 423 21783

Photo of Seth Jones, Manager Development and CommericalisationSeth leads the development and commercialisation team for the entire university, working across medicine, science, engineering and ICT. His team has specific goals of increasing industry contact and collaboration, disseminating knowledge into the community, and enabling our researchers in the development of world class research at James Cook University into products and processes that impact the region and society.

Research Development Manager
Robert Buhrke - (07) 423 21786 or 0438 688 654

Photo of Robert Buhrke, Business Development Manager, CairnsRobert's focus is to build JCU research partnerships with industry, government and the community. He brings his experience as a business consultant to industry to the Business Development portfolio, to enhance and expand JCU links to drive innovation and research partnerships.

Research Grants Officer
Nigel Young - (07) 423 21752

Photo of Nigel Young Research Grants Officer Research Services, Cairns Nigel is the first point of contact for Research Services to the Cairns Campus research community. He provides advice to researchers to assist with their targeting and applying for project funding and assists researchers with the process of interpreting guidelines and applying for grants and contract research projects that includes tenders and consultancies.