Ethics module

The Ethics module of RIMS (or the Human Ethics and Animal Ethics database) supports the Human Research Ethics Committee and the Animal Ethics Committee. These committees monitor and approve all research and teaching activities involving human participants and projects involving animal usage carried out under the auspices of the University.

The Ethics module is cross-referenced with the Grants module for ethics approval of research associated with funded proposals.


  • Details of human ethics, clinical trials and animal ethics applications are stored in the database.

  • Unlimited number of researchers

  • Researcher details grouped by staff, students or “non-JCU”

  • Non-JCU researchers individually recognised, and grouped by institution (country)

  • Subgroups of animals

  • Animals stored by species (family), gender, life stage, strain, pound, in vitro/vivo (on family level part of an hierarchically coded animal kingdom, including invertebrates)

  • Applications hierarchical grouped by type, impact category, Orgu, year, committee meeting, and animal kingdom hierarchy

  • Drugs/devices and sites/locations per project

  • Clinical trials with multiple sites where multiple drugs or devices are to be tested

  • History file of amendments and approval processes

  • Email facility to applicants and current monitors

Report facilities

  • Application details reporting: by Researcher and Orgu overviews; title searches; application ID searches Human Ethics Reporting

  • Animal ethics reporting and animal usage statistics reports