Grants module

A review of the administrative processes involved from submitting an application for an external research grant through to the establishment of a research account resulted in streamlining these processes to a) alleviate delays between notification of an award and actual account opening; b) eliminate dual data gathering from separate administrative units; and c) facilitate collection of consistent research performance indicators for internal and external reporting requirements and statistical analysis.

Two forms were introduced, an Application Cover Sheet for Externally Funded Research (ACS) and an Acceptance of Offer form. The ACS has been designed to collect data consistently and up front. This avoids collecting data twice and facilitates more rigid data analysis as well as more efficient project management of successful applications e.g. negotiation of final agreements, cost centre allocation, and invoicing. Research Services will not accept external grant applications or contracts without a completed Application Coversheet.

Upon notification of an award, Research Services will generate a pre-printed Acceptance of Offer form (AO) based on the information collected on the ACS and stored in the Grants module. The AO will be emailed as a pdf file to the principal investigator for completion covering ethical clearance requirements, Finweb access authorisation and signatures confirming acceptance of award conditions by the principal investigator and the Head of School. On receipt of a completed and signed AO, Research Services will export relevant data to Grants Finance to generate account opening. Grants Finance will notify researchers of the account number by email.

  • Grant applications and other research income (contracts, consultancies, scholarships, etc) by type, fund scheme and funding body

  • Research funding applications hierarchical grouped by Orgu, SEO, FoR, National and State Research Priorities, keywords and year.

  • Deadlines of Funding Opportunities

  • Researchers grouped in staff, students or ‘non-JCU’

  • Non-JCU researchers individually recognised, and grouped by institution (country): collaborative links.

  • Budget and (indicative) Funds awarded by Year.

  • Budget by Year for Collaborative Partners (plus in-kind contributions)

  • Ability to link funding from multiple sources to one research project.

  • Primary key of Finance One, stored as foreign key against applications in RIMS and vice versa.


  • Unlimited number of researchers per grant application or contract

  • Up to 3 codes per stored research code (FoR, SEO, NRP, QRDP)

  • Unlimited keywords

  • On-entry check for similar projects already stored

  • A user-log and edit history file track who stores and changes which data at which date and time.

Maintenance requirements

Continuous: update tables containing funding bodies and their funding schemes

Report facilities

  • Researcher and Orgu overviews. Search by researcher, FoR, SEO or keyword, RRTM reports. Email data extracts to Research Finance for import into Finance One. ARC newsletter mail outs. Research performance indicators. Overviews by granting body or business type. Overviews of partner institutions and international cooperation. Highlight applications and contracts with implications for commercialisation, intellectual property, ethical approval, biosafety requirements and research student activity.

  • From March until December, Heads of School and their nominees (like Research Directors or School Managers) and Faculty PVCs are emailed a monthly report detailing:

    • Number of External Grant Applications per month for the current and previous year;

    • A listing of Researchers applying for External Grants this report year - the table shows number of applications per role (Principal Investigator, Chief Investigator, Other Participant or Supervisor) and between brackets the number of successful applications.

    • Details of External Grant Applications and Grants & Contracts of the last 3 months.

On the 1st of February, Heads of School and Faculty PVCs receive a year report of the previous year.

Most recent successful (not confidential) applications and tenders are updated every other night on the Research Services website; publication is based on the date RIMS sends account opening information to Research Finance.

Once a month a report with most prestigious grants is sent to the editors of JCU Discovery.

  • Funding opportunities by grant scheme and deadline (due in the next three months) are published three times a week on the Research Services website.