Resources, Downloads and Links

Resources, Downloads and Links

AEC Forms and Related Documents

Application for Animal Based Teaching (DOCX, 243 KB)

Application for Animal Based Research (DOCX, 245 KB)

AEC Application Guide (PDF, 850 KB)

Application for an Animal Breeding Program (DOCX, 236 KB)

Application for Animal Holding or Display (DOCX, 222 KB)

Animal Use Spreadsheet (XLSX, 14 KB)

Animal Use Spreadsheet Breeding Program (XLSX, 35 KB)

Northern Territory Animal Research Permit Application (NT work only)

Unexpected Adverse Event Report (DOCX, 292 KB)

Application for a Protocol Amendment (DOCX, 309 KB)

AEC SOP Template (DOCX, 190 KB)

GM Animal Phenotype Report  (DOCX, 277 KB)

AEC Annual Progress / Final Report Form (DOCX, 204 KB)

AEC Policy and Procedure Documents

AEC Terms of Reference (PDF, 188 KB)

JCU Animal Use Policy (PDF, 66 KB)

Unexpected Adverse Event Procedure (PDF, 97 KB)

Humane Killing of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes Policy (PDF, 91 KB)

Humane Killing of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes Guidelines (PDF, 148 KB)

Opportunistic Sampling, Vouchering and Amendments to Projects in the Field Policy (PDF, 133 KB)

Training and Assessment of Competency Policy (PDF, 117 KB)

The Use of Animals in Short-Term Displays and Demonstrations (PDF, 27 KB)

Animal Monitoring and Humane Intervention Points / Endpoints (including example Monitoring Records)
(PDF, 386 KB)

Policy Documents for Consultation

The following documents are in the draft form and are open for anybody to read, review and provide feedback. If you have any feedback on the documents below please email the Animal Ethics Officer or Animal Welfare Officer before the closing date.

DocumentDate postedClosing Date

Legislation and Regulatory Documents

Animal Care and Protection Act

Animal Care and Protection Regulation

Animal Welfare Act (NT)

Animal Welfare Act (WA)

Animal Research Act (NSW)

Australian Code for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes

Gene Technology Act

External Guidelines and References

NHMRC Guidelines to Promote the Wellbeing of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes

and its Revised Table for Humane Killing

A reference for acceptable and humane research methods such as blood and sample collection, administration of substances, anaesthesia, humane killing, project planning, environmental enrichment and other methods to ensure wellbeing and minimise pain and distress in animals.

A Guide to the Care and Use of Australian Native Mammals in Research and Teaching

A reference guide for the use of some commonly encountered species of Australian native animals.

NHMRC Policy for the Care and Use of Non-Human Primates for Scientific Purposes

The standards of care to be met when using non-human primates in research or teaching.

NHMRC Guidelines for Monoclonal Antibody Production

Requirements for the production of monoclonal antibodies in animals.


Queensland Biosecurity Animal Welfare and Ethics - The site of the Queensland animal research and teaching regulator

NHMRC Animal research ethics - Additional policy documents and guidelines for federally funded organisations

The Animal Ethics Infolink - NSW Department of Primary Industries resource and reference website

Northern Territory Animal Welfare Branch - Regulator for the scientific use of animals in the Territory

Western Australian Department of Agriculture and Food - Regulator for scientific use of animals in WA

NC3Rs National for the Replacement, refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research - A guide for methods to include the 3Rs in your research and teaching projects