Grant Reporting Requirements

Research Services Grant Reporting Requirements

Grant Reporting Requirements

Progress and final reports are required by most funding bodies as part of the conditions of award.  These reports are important, as continued funding of the project and the eligibility to apply in future funding rounds is often reliant upon their completion.  Progress reports enable funding bodies to assess whether satisfactory progress is being achieved. Failure to submit requested reports may lead to cancellation of funding.

Funding bodies often provide specific guidelines on what you should include in your report but they would generally want information on the predicted results or outcome and whether you delivered the outcomes outlined in your application.  Detailed Financial statements will be provided by Grants Finance in Financial and Business Services.

How much detail and how often you need to report varies between funding bodies and often reporting milestones are set commensurate with further grant payments.  Larger funding bodies such as the ARC and NHMRC have reporting templates, or on-line submission, which need to be submitted or endorsed via the Research Office. Reporting to funding bodies like the ARC and NHMRC also enables them to fulfil their obligation of accountability to the Federal Government.

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