Competitive Research Incentive Grant Scheme (CRIG)

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Low success rates nation-wide for ARC and NHMRC programs mean that many applications of exceptional quality are not obtaining support from these major competitive funding sources.

The Competitive Research Incentive Grant Scheme is designed to enhance the University's competitiveness in attracting external funding and to maximise its share of the Joint Research Engagement funding (replaces the Institutional Grants Scheme), the Research Training Scheme, the new Sustainable Research Excellence initiative and the Research Infrastructure Block Grant allocation.

The CRIG Scheme provides incentive funding on a one-year basis to support research proposals that have been submitted to Australian Competitive Grants (ACG) schemes and been rated as highly meritorious by external peer review but have narrowly missed out on funding.

The objective is to assist researchers to commence or continue quality projects with the expectation that preliminary outcomes will enhance the competitiveness of the projects in attracting external funding in subsequent years.

The CRIG scheme also supports researchers with an excellent track record in attracting external funding but who are temporarily without external support.

Funding Levels

Funding levels are determined by the Selection Panel and are generally in the range of $10,000 - $15,000.

Duration of Grant

The term of the grant is one calendar year, i.e. funds awarded 1 January must be fully expended by 31 December of the same year. (Grantees are required to seek external funding support from an Australian Competitive Granting Body in the subsequent year, based on the same or very similar project.)


Only applications which have been submitted to an ACG scheme through James Cook University will be considered for support under the scheme.

Selection Process

The award of CRIGs will be determined by a Selection Committee nominated by the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor. Successful applications will be selected on the basis of committee/panel ratings provided by the external granting body.

Applications to ACG schemes with a non-calendar year funding cycle will be considered by the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

Closing Date

No formal application is required. The Selection Committee will meet to consider eligible applications following the announcement of results for the ARC and NHMRC grant schemes. Applicants to other ACG schemes may notify Research Services if they believe that their application could be eligible for a CRIG. A final report on the project must be lodged with Research Services.